Anticipating major achievements in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, Souq Waqif storekeepers have started preparations to meet the expected demand for food items like nuts, fruits, spices and sweets during the upcoming Holy Month of Ramadan.

Shop owners told local Arabic daily Arrayah that they have started to stock the necessary goods two months ago to ensure they have enough in store to meet the demand. They also stressed that all products are available in good quantities and different varieties at reasonable prices with little to no change in the retail prices. The main items that enjoy high demand during Ramadan include various types of spices, dried dates and fruits, syrups, cereals, nuts and sweets. The sellers pointed out that currently they are open from 7 am until 9 pm on a daily basis.

However, most of them pointed out that demand is still considerably low compared to previous years as most customers who come to such traditional shops are the elderly citizens and women. Due to the current situation and the precautionary measures in place to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus most of the people are staying at home but they still make phone calls and send their drivers to pick up their orders.

In addition, the shopkeepers at Souq Waqif stressed that they are trying to offer competitive prices to attract customers as there are many outlets across the country who sell the same or similar products.

Meanwhile, sellers of livestock at Al Wakrah Livestock Market, pointed out that they have already got large numbers of sheep to supply to the local market ahead of Ramadan, the important varieties being local, Syrian and Iranian. Besides, they expect the arrival of other types of sheep before the start of Ramadan. Turkish sheep are set to arrive at the local market soon.

The sellers said that the prices of Iranian sheep range from QR1,000 to QR1,200 per head depending on the size, big local sheep would cost QR1,300 and the smaller one QR1,250 while the Syrian sheep are priced QR1,300- QR1,350 . The sellers also stressed that they would be ready to negotiate a reasonable price with their customers to enhance their sales as they have ample supply.

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