Covid-19 has made a huge impact on football: al-Haydos
April 09 2020 11:43 PM

Qatar national team captain Hassan al-Haydos, who also leads QNB Stars League outfit Al Sadd, says he is using the current situation to stage a complete recovery from an injury he suffered against Sepahan FC during the AFC Champions League in February and resume action “as soon as possible”.
Al-Haydos, who guided Qatar to Asian Cup glory last year in February, took time out to answer a few questions.

Can you tell us something about your recovery status?
Thank you for the question. I want to thank the fans who have been wishing me well. I would like to say that I am still under medical supervision and getting continuous treatment in co-ordination with the medical team of the national team and the Sports Medicine Hospital at Aspetar. I hope to return to the pitch as soon as possible.

Let’s talk about impact or the damage caused by Covid-19 in the world of sports. What do you think as an international player?
Without a doubt, the coronavirus has disrupted the entire sports calendar and football in particular. Tournaments – here and elsewhere around the world – have been postponed. This has reflected negatively on the physical and mental aspects of the game and the players.

But you, as a professional, must have a physical preparation plan at the ready while you are inactive?
Certainly! There is a daily preparation and follow-up plan – that we have to follow – from the technical staff of the national side. We continue to train as we have to be ready as we could be heading to the stadiums at any moment and we must be ready to resume training. It is also necessary for a player to take care of his physical condition. Any lack of preparedness will affect him greatly during the next stage of action.

I understand from your answers that there are additional exercises the player can perform while being away from active football?
There is no doubt that distance training is very important, but we must continue to reach a physical condition that allows to return to matches at any moment. It is the responsibility of every player – in the current situation – to maintain absolute professionalism in terms of training, diet and fitness drills.

How do you feel being in isolation?
The coronavirus has forced an end to the season, so as to say. But we are maintaining our passion to train and be ready.

You as players have an important role in educating society about staying home. How do you see your role?
Without a doubt, there is a large group of players who volunteered to serve the country at this stage that requires everyone to come together and be supportive of each other. And at the same time, helping others understand the importance of staying home, the importance of following the government’s strict guidelines.

What would like to say in the end of this interview?
I would like to say that we, the players, are very keen to get into playing the game we love. We are determined to do that. But I would like to add that I want to say ‘thank you’ to our fans for their support. (QFA)

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