The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) on Sunday announced 279 confirmed new cases of coronavirus (Covid-19) in Qatar, in addition to the death of an 88-year-old citizen who was also suffering from several chronic diseases.
While the total number of people recovered from Covid-19 in Qatar reached 123, with 14 recoveries recorded Sunday, the death toll touched four.
Some new cases of infection are due to returning travellers from countries where the epidemic is spreading or contacts of these travellers, including citizens and residents, in addition to new cases of infection among expatriates.
The new infected cases are now in quarantine where they are receiving necessary medical care.
on Sunday, the MoPH conducted tests on 3,806 people to detect Covid-19, bringing the total number of tests so far to 35,757.
This is owing to the use of new laboratory techniques and increasing the number of laboratories being used by the MoPH. Work continues to increase the capacity of laboratories.
The Qatari citizen who died Sunday was admitted to hospital on March 3 due to acute bacterial infection in the blood which ultimately led to his death. It was discovered at the same time that he was infected with Covid-19 as well.
He had received intensive medical care upon his arrival at the hospital, but his condition deteriorated resulting in his death Sunday morning.
The MoPH extended its sincere condolences and great sympathy to the family of the deceased.