The efforts made by the volunteers of Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) are crucial in supporting the health authorities, in a material representation of the solidarity of the government and people of Qatar to control Covid-19.
QRCS boasts a great pool of 15,700 volunteers from all walks of life, thanks to the wide public response to the recently launched Volunteer for Qatar campaign. Those promising young women and men substantially contribute to several services, including the provision of psychological support, health education, and logistics to the inmates of 28 quarantine locations across the country.

To ensure the safety and reliability of volunteers, QRCS's Training and Development Centre held training courses on how to use infection preventive tools and boost the morale of quarantined persons. The volunteers with medical experience are utilised in training and educating the public in relation to the nature and prevention of the coronavirus disease.
To date, health education lectures were held by volunteers and health educators for the staff of 20 government organisations and private-sector companies.
Delivered in several languages, the lectures covered many key topics such as washing hands well and frequently, how to use face masks, avoiding touching the muoth and nose, using tissue when sneezing or coughing, and keeping social distancing.
In a statement, Head of Volunteers Section at QRCS Ahmed Ali al-Khulaifi said the Volunteer for Qatar campaign was inspired by a desire to support the government's efforts against the risks of novel coronavirus, by encouraging the Qatari and non-Qatari youths to extend help for those who need care and psychological support as the virus goes more and more widespread.
"Once the initiative suggested by the Volunteers Section was adopted and announced, it attracted unprecedented numbers of applicants, both nationals and residents. It is the sense of responsibility that drives everyone to stand together in the face of calamity," he added.
"Now," he explained, "we have 110 volunteers offering supportive services 24/7 at quarantine locations, 105 supervising street disinfection and health inspection, 15 offering awareness raising and distributing medical supplies, and 20 recruiting and guiding the new volunteers".
Another purpose of the initiative is to ensure stronger connection between the service seekers and their families in their own home countries. Mobile recharge cards are distributed, so that they can contact their families, as part of the restoring family links (RFL) and psychological support services.
A video message was addressed by Ali bin Hassan al-Hammadi, Secretary-General of QRCS, to the volunteers: "We are proud of you and what you are doing. Your response to the Volunteer for Qatar campaign was beyond expectations. It proves how great and patriotic you are. Tough times show true colours. We and everyone in Qatar are deeply indebted to you. You are our source of power and safety. It is you who shape the future with your hard work".
He invited those who would like to volunteer with QRCS. "You are most welcome in this noble work. All the population need your help. I believe you are up to it as usual. Good luck! We expect more & more to protect our country against coronavirus".
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