Al-Raya newspaper affirmed that the economic and investment file is at the top of the priorities of the government of the State of Qatar, which was confirmed by the Arab Monetary Fund praising the efforts of the Qatari government to advance the sector of micro, small and medium enterprises.

In its editorial on Saturday, the newspaper said that maintaining and enhancing the economic leadership of the State of Qatar has always been at the heart of Qatar's strategy and Qatar National Vision 2030, which was reflected in the study prepared by the Arab Monetary Fund on the reality of this vital and important sector in the Arab countries, where the State of Qatar was at the forefront. The study highlighted the efforts made by the state in terms of visions and strategic plans for the advancement of the micro, small and medium enterprises sector.

The newspaper pointed out that the State of Qatar is constantly working to create an encouraging environment for small and medium-sized companies to stimulate economic diversification and the development of the private sector, by developing knowledge sectors with high added value, encouraging entrepreneurship, increasing workforce productivity, and enhancing regional and international competitiveness. The Qatari government has also adopted measures to support the small and medium-sized enterprises sector, as preferential policies have been established for small and medium-sized enterprises in government procurement, land allocation, attracting foreign skills and investments, and the adoption of alternative financing tools for these companies. Likewise, the government activated the current programs, created the possible factors for marketing research and development, expanded those companies, encouraged a culture of entrepreneurship, strengthened cooperation between universities and small and medium-sized companies, promoted them in business clusters, and facilitated purchases with large quantities for these companies. The plans and strategies included a set of quantitative targets for the advancement of the micro, small and medium enterprises sector that would double the sector's contribution to the GDP of priority sectors in this and the coming years.

Al-Raya stressed that the State of Qatar has spared no effort in providing the legislative and institutional environment required to encourage investment and boost the economy, as it worked to develop cooperation between the public and private sectors, by providing support to the private sector to increase its role in various economic sectors, open the way for domestic and foreign investment, and increase its participation in the implementation of major development projects. The State of Qatar understands that supporting and encouraging the private sector leads to an increase in its contribution to the sustainable development process to serve the development of the country and the Qatari economy by increasing the proportion of the private sector's contribution to the GDP of Qatar, the daily explained.

The newspaper noted that the state encouraged the marketing of the local product and presented large and effective initiatives to support local production and economically empower the Qataris and encourage them to enter the business sector and economic activities in the country, especially as the opportunities available to them are exemplary thanks to the increased attention from the government and a series of legislation that encourages the economic revitalization of Qataris, which is what the country has already started to bear fruit as a result of its distinguished plans and initiatives. (QNA)