Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) and the various official and community institutions in Qatar participated in marking the World Autism Awareness Day, which falls on April 2 every year based on a decision by the United Nations General Assembly to adopt the proposal of the Qatar in this regard on December 18, 2007.
The QRCS main building was lighted in blue last night, in a gesture expressing solidarity with the global campaign to raise awareness of autism, seeking to integrate autism patients into society, and raising awareness of their rights as equal individuals who need special care that enables them to live naturally.
QRCS' marking of the occasion came to reflect its great interest in the groups in need of support in society, as a top priority of its strategy for development work locally and abroad, in light of its basic human mission aimed at preserving lives and preserving human dignity.
There are many aspects of care and assistance provided by QRCS for autistic patients and vulnerable groups in general, from covering the costs of treating patients who are not able through the Patient Benefit Fund to setting up programs and events for the people with special needs, including autistic patients, mobilizing community support to enable that group and provide their needs and ways of a decent life for it, and contributing to the programs implemented by the health and official institutions in the country in this direction.
Globally, QRCS is keen to choose the beneficiaries most in need to deliver its humanitarian aid to them, with a focus on patients, widows, orphans, the elderly, and those with special needs.
The Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres in his message on this occasion called on to recognize the rights of people with autism, warning that necessary measures should be taken to ensure that this group is not affected by the negative effects on health care systems caused by the Coronavirus (Covid-19), and take into account the rights of persons with autism when formulating all response measures to the pandemic.
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