Covid-19 hotline received over 43,000 calls in 3 weeks
April 02 2020 07:10 PM
HE Lolwah bint Rashid bin Mohamed AlKhater
HE Lolwah bint Rashid bin Mohamed AlKhater

*1,160 complaints related to violation of ban on gatherings received
*1,100 complaints related to violating videos and clips dealt with very firmly
*About 2mn masks and 266,000 liters of sanitisers provided
*Besides importing, Qatar working on manufacturing such important items

The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) received more than 43,000 calls in three weeks over the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) hotline 16000 in five languages (Arabic, English, and three Asian languages) spoken by most of the residents in Qatar.

This was announced by HE the Spokesperson for the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management Lolwah bint Rashid bin Mohamed AlKhater at a press conference on Wednesday evening.

She gave an extensive presentation on the spread patterns of Covid-19, in the country and recovery cases, and the mechanisms of action in various institutions to deal with this crisis.

The top official pointed out that the percentage of answering calls reached more than 92, and the average speed of answering was five seconds for each, with a 90% satisfaction score.

The team answering these calls consisted of 201 people, including 51 doctors and 150 others trained as a supportive team for the work of the medical team.

Concerning the crisis management team, she stressed that there is 24-hour work to monitor and receive complaints, calls, and questions, reassure public opinion and deals with cases of existing violations.

The crisis management team consists of several bodies in the state, such as the ministries of the Interior; Public Health; Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs; Commerce and Industry; and Municipality and Environment, Lekhwiya Force, and the Government Communication Office and others.

There were about 7,000 during the last three weeks with regard to complaints and inquiries related to quarantine. So far, there have been 1,160 complaints related to violations of the ban on gatherings. All the grievances were dealt with.

HE AlKhater assured that all the videos that showed gatherings in violation of the ban have been dealt with legally, pointing out that some people continue to share these videos for several days, which raises concern and causes doubt that the authorities concerned do not deal with them.

She indicated there were 1,100 complaints related to the violating videos and clips, stressing that these violations are dealt with very firmly. She called for reporting these cases to be dealt with according to the laws in force.

Regarding violations related to consumer and commercial aspects, she emphasised that all the relevant authorities are active in this field, and issued 304 notices for different violations.

She explained that these efforts aim to maintain price stability and ensure the quality of available products, noting that the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has hotlines to receive such complaints and inquiries.

HE AlKhater pointed out that the supplies of about 2mn masks, and about 266,000 liters of sanitisers were provided very recently. Qatar is now working not only on importing but also on the manufacture of such important materials. "We will witness a remarkable activity in this field," she said.

At the end of the press conference, HE AlKhater announced the launch of an electronic platform that organises the support process that the community in Qatar and companies and others have announced to support Qatar's efforts in tackling this virus.

“What is delighting all of us is that many individuals and companies have presented support and assistance either through services, volunteering, material or in-kind support,” she said while thanking everyone for their efforts.

By logging onto the electronic platform, the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management will receive all requests from individuals and companies to provide in-kind support and services, as well as financial support, as there will be a dedicated and full-time team to co-operate in this regard.

HE AlKhater praised all those who were quick to support, whether it is the society as a whole or for the public and private sectors, hoping that this pandemic will end soon.

"Finally, we pray to God to preserve our country and our people from all evil."

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