The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) announced on Monday the registration of 59 new confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19), in addition to three more cases of recovering patients.

Some of the new cases of infection are related to people who have recently returned to Qatar from overseas, particularly from the UK, and to others who had had contact with those infected with the virus, either from family members who live in the same house or from relatives in other homes.

All new cases have been put into quarantine where they are receiving the necessary medical care.

The MoPH said that the three new cases of recovery brings to 51 the total number of people recovered from Covid-19 in Qatar.

The MoPH has commissioned new laboratory techniques for testing Covid-19 with which it is possible to conduct a greater number of tests each day than before. This has led to to an increase in the number of cases discovered each day - which is helping in the early detection of infected cases and thus helping reduce the spread of the virus.

The MoPH is continuing to undertake all necessary checks for all citizens arriving from abroad, as well as all individuals who have been in contact with the affected cases.

The MoPH also requests that all members of society cooperate fully and adhere to all guidelines and advice regarding limiting the spread of Covid-19.

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