QPO musicians entertain music lovers by playing from homes
March 29 2020 11:15 PM
SYMPHONY: Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra musicians recently released a video that shows QPO members performing the second movement from Antonin Dvorak’s Symphony No 9 (From The New World), which was adapted into a song called Goin’ Home, in their living rooms.

It is time to stay at home. People are forced to observe social distancing and work from home. The circumstances are no different for the people who reside in the world of Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra (QPO).
The orchestra has long been catering to the taste of those who love and admire western classical music in Qatar. However, the talented musicians of the orchestra are rehearsing from home and creating videos with music supporting social distancing.
The QPO musicians have played at the United Nations, the Royal Albert Hall in London, and the Kennedy Center in Washington, but this might be one of the most important shows they have ever performed – from their own homes.
The orchestra, a Qatar Foundation member, is using the power of music to send a message to people about the need to stay at home and help Qatar tackle the novel coronavirus crisis. The recently released video that shows QPO members performing the second movement from Antonin Dvorak’s Symphony No 9 (From The New World), which was adapted into a song called Goin’ Home, in their living rooms.
The video – posted on the orchestra’s social media channels with the hashtag #StayHome – aims to encourage people to follow health guidance and support Qatar in coming through coronavirus.
Kurt Meister, German national, is executive director of QPO since 2011. He graduated from the Academy of Music in Munich where he studied bassoon. After commitments with German theatres such as Aachen, Essen and Mainz, he played the bassoon in the Bavarian State Opera from 1973 until 1989.
During his tenure at the Bavarian Broadcast Company, Kurt had the pleasure of inviting soloists and guest conductors. In 1993 he was also awarded management of the Munich Radio Orchestra and the Choir of the Bavarian Broadcast Corporation. In 2007 Kurt was nominated QPO managing director, and in 2011 he was named the executive director.
Community approached the musician and asked him how the orchestra has been working as there are no team rehearsals and live shows.

Why have the orchestra chosen the Antonin Dvorak’s Symphony No 9 to push the listeners for staying at home?
For Qatar Foundation, the safety and well-being of all around us is always a top priority. With this in mind, QF have been closely monitoring the worldwide coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. 
As QPO continues to contribute to the community remotely, I have chosen to create a special video from Dvorak’s Symphony No. 9 for promotional commitments. This music composition is scheduled since September 2019.
All audiences can watch and listen to this calming music and hopefully, will be able to enjoy live in concert with QPO soon after Eid in June 2020.

In general, how has the orchestra been conducting itself during these challenging days?
As we are all striving to maintain and continue the business as usual, the musicians are utilising their times at homes practicing music compositions and learning new programmes of the next season 2020/21.
I appreciate professionalism, understanding, and contribution to minimising the risks created by Covid-19 for everyone at this challenging time. 
By being into quarantine to face an unprecedented war with Covid-19, QPO will create much more videos that all of you can watch staying inside homes with your beloved ones.

What would be your advice for those who love listening western classical music as they are forced to stay home?
The times are challenging; but we all stand united and shall perceive triumph. I request all readers to open our official page on the Internet and on YouTube by typing ‘Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra’.
All kinds of music from Arabic to Western  – from Walt Disney and Frank Sinatra up until Beethoven Cycle can be searched. Please enjoy and watch all the videos with your loved ones. Be safe, stay at home, and defeat the virus!”

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