StudyPlus Education has stressed that it is utilising live online classes to ensure that its courses continue “seamlessly and effectively”.
“The world is changing rapidly amid the spread of Covid-19. With new measures being implemented, daily life is becoming less and less recognisable. In this time of uncertainty, we plan to continue to do what we do best: supporting our students. One of our many initiatives has been to utilise live online classes to ensure that our courses continue seamlessly and effectively,” StudyPlus has said in a statement.
“Our dedicated team has designed a plan to assist our students with examination preparations, and ultimately, in building a solid ground for their education journey. As examinations have been cancelled, postponed or considerably modified, many have interpreted this as a relief for students,” the statement notes. “However, our analysis begs to differ: schools and universities will eventually develop appropriate methods to evaluate students. For this reason, it is more important now than ever before that students prepare for whatever that may be: traditional exams or institutional versions of impromptu exams.”
An “unprecedented time calls for unprecedented measures”, according to StudyPlus. “We do not believe that business as usual is an option, and therefore, StudyPlus has taken extraordinary steps to provide a platform that instils discipline, improves learning and enhances time-management skills for our students.”
Additionally, learning is a lot like playing sports as it takes time and effort to build and maintain the skills used in both fields. “Therefore, we urge our students to take this study-from-home period seriously. Think of it as an opportunity to revise the concepts that may have not been fully grasped in the classroom. We also recommend that parents think about external education and the summer break differently this year,” StudyPlus further points out.
It is important that these times be used to educate students so that they can reach their full potential.
At StudyPlus, the principle that drives the institution remains the same: to equip students with the foundation of knowledge that helps them thrive in whatever they dream to achieve. “Because of this, we are more concerned about the absence of traditional schooling than the cancellation of exams. It is our priority that students go through this transition with sufficient help and support. Most importantly, this is the time for students to hone the essential skills necessary before other commitments come into play; make it count!”
“We know that this is overwhelming, but rest assured, you are in good hands. Our team is more than happy to share our analysis, expertise and experience with our students and their parents.”

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