Needed: blood donation to save lives, show solidarity with medics in tough times
March 29 2020 02:21 AM
DRIVEN: Members of QSindhis, a community group of expatriates from the Sindh province of Pakistan, o
DRIVEN: Members of QSindhis, a community group of expatriates from the Sindh province of Pakistan, organised their first blood donation drive in collaboration with Blood Donor Centre of Hamad Medical Corporation.

Though social distancing is the call of the day owing to the pandemic of novel coronavirus across the world, the importance and need for social solidarity cannot be ruled out.
In the time of health crisis and resultant economic fallout, people need not only to co-operate wither their governments but also with other people. There are many ways one can help others during these difficult times – social distancing, staying in touch through digital platforms, extending financial support or taking care of the families who lost their loved ones to the virus outbreak.
Historical facts speak volume about the invaluable significance of blood donation during every kind of health crisis – either natural or man-made. Patients have always been in need of blood or blood plasma as they are hospitalized with different kinds of medical conditions.
By taking part in a noble cause like blood donation, an individual not only saves someone else’s life but also improves his or her health as well. It is a life-saving gift from one man to another irrespective of religion, nationality or any other social factor.
As Qatar successfully continues to ward off the massive spread of Covid-19 and to take care of the infected patients, people from different expatriate communities keep supporting the government in one way or another.
QSindhis is a community group of expatriates from Sindh province of Pakistan. They have actively been taking part in all national level events of both Qatar and Pakistan celebrating their own culture at the same time. Most recently the group organised its first blood donation drive in collaboration with Blood Donor Centre of Hamad Medical Corporation.
“The humanitarian drive was held as part of support shown to Qatar in the current situation where we must prove ourselves a strong nation and stand shoulder to shoulder with our Qatari brothers,” said Asif Qadir Memon, founder of QSindhis.
“The campaign’s aim was to raise awareness of the importance of blood donation as a humanitarian initiative. Not only the Pakistani community but people from other nationalities also responded remarkably to the campaign and commended the initiative by Qsindhis, which encourages humanitarian activities and shows communities’ attitude and standing towards social responsibility,” Memon added while talking to Community.
He further said: “QSindhis core committee members are proud to co-operate with the Blood Donor Centre of Hamad Medical Corporation. And we would like to thank all the blood donors who came all over Qatar for their valued volunteering in the campaign to make it a great success.”
Further highlighting the significance of blood donation, Memon said: “I am not a medical expert but I know and understand the importance of blood donation. During normal times, every three seconds, somebody is in need of blood in the world. One donation can help save three lives. The coronavirus has caused very challenging situation. The virus is infecting everyone irrespective of religion, nationality, age, sex or colour. Similarly, there are no boundaries like race, religion, sex, or nationality for the blood donation.
“According to experts, donation improves heart and liver health and reduces heart attack risk by 88%. It also lowers down the risk of stoke by 32%. It also helps in burning calories as one pint of blood (450ml) burns 650 calories. The donation also enhances new blood cell production. It reduces cancer risk. A donor can also have free blood screening.
“I do it because for me this is a very noble health charity. You do not know who the recipient is going to be. It is also our duty to contribute to Qatar in a positive way as it is our second home.”
The donor and volunteer further said: “These are hard days for the medical practitioners as they are the frontline fighters against the outbreak. Such volunteering activities also provide them some moral support and a sense of solidary from the society in general. We somehow need to exhibit our support to the doctors and paramedics – our heroes.”

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