The Indian Cultural Centre (ICC) has appealed to all community members to visit the ICC for any services only if it is "absolutely essential and unavoidable", in order to avoid crowding on its premises.
This comes in view of the prevailing situation due to the Covid-19 outbreak and as a precautionary measure directed by the embassy of India, the ICC has said in a statement.
The measures will be in force until April 6, and will be reviewed thereafter. Normal services will be resumed as soon as the situation improves, the centre has said.
The ICC has advised applicants to reach the centre only through appointment by calling 44686607 or 50883026 from 9am until 12noon and from 4pm to 9pm.
Unless there are compelling reasons, only passports that have expired or are expiring before September 30 will be accepted for reissue. Passport cases with change of personal particulars will be entertained only if the expiry date of the passport is before September 30.
Miscellaneous services on passports will not be provided unless they are absolutely essential, the ICC has stressed.
Only the applicant will be allowed to enter the ICC premises (if required) for passport services. Anyone else accompanying the applicant will not be allowed expect in the case of minors.
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