Officials of Qatar University (QU) and Peking University (PKU) medical experts and faculty members held a video conference to share their expertise and experience on the fight against Covid-19. Both institutes updated each other on the latest situation of the pandemic in Qatar and China.
This video conference was facilitated by the International Affairs Office at QU as QU hold "State of Qatar Chair in Middle Eastern Studies" chair that Qatar funds at Peking University since 2016.
Commenting on this session, President of QU Dr. Hassan Rashid Al Derham said that the video conference aimed at constant joint efforts to fight against the ongoing spread of Covid-19. "We look forward towards valuable expertise from PKU to help us prevent and control Coronavirus."
"QU is committed to continue working with international experts and provide their students with best quality of education. Our main concern is to provide students and staff safety and take all precautionary measure to secure our committee," he added.
During the opening knowledge-sharing session, Dr. Hao Ping, President at PKU said that the video conference is within the interest of both universities in sharing experience and practices of fighting against Covid-19. "We hope that the session held will be beneficial for our universities to overcome the common challenges brought by the novel coronavirus."
Hao also mentioned the warm assistance from Qatar to China during these difficult times and reiterated that both sides would stand by and support each other.
Dr. Zhan Qimin, Executive Vice President of PKU and President of Peking University Health Science Center, presided over the webinar. Zhan began by elaborating on the significant role of Peking University in the national anti-epidemic battle, including dispatching medical teams to aid Wuhan in combating the coronavirus, carrying out research on different facets of Covid-19, and making suggestions to the Chinese government for policymaking.
While many questions concerning the novel coronavirus remain unresolved, both sides expressed the willingness to strengthen bilateral exchanges and share research findings in the future. 
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