HE the Official Spokesperson of the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management Lolwah bint Rashid bin Mohamed AlKhater has stressed that Qatar is working tirelessly to tackle Covid-19, emphasising that all must do their part for both themselves and the community.
This was highlighted in a video posted on the YouTube account and Twitter page of the Government Communications Office (GCO).
"I want to start by saying thank you, to the people of Qatar - citizens, residents and visitors, who are making great sacrifices to protect themselves and their communities," HE AlKhater says. "...special thanks goes to our healthcare services and those working on the frontline in the fight against the virus. Their daily dedication is an inspiration to all of us."
"To those afflicted with the virus, we pray for your quick and speedy recovery. I want to pay a special tribute to those in Qatar who are under quarantine, including those in the Industrial Area, those who have helped us build our country.
"As we have seen across the world, it is difficult to have life disrupted and to be apart from friends, family and community. But we must take measures to protect our collective health and welfare.
She continued, "In the case of the Industrial Area, let me assure you that the government is doing everything in its power to support you, the local residents, and safeguard your health and well-being. Extra medical services were mobilised to the area and regular checkups are being taken. And please, let’s all remember that this is a only a temporary period that should be over sooner or later all depending on everyone’s support."
HE AlKhater further said, "The people of Qatar have proven time and again that together they can overcome any crisis. The blockade of Qatar was intended to tear us apart. But it brought us closer together and made us stronger. The challenge we have today is great. But, just as in 2017, I am confident that with solidarity, unity and resilience, we can all get through this together.
"Every person must do their part, not only for themselves but also for their community. Your safety is my safety.
"Let me assure you that the government is working round the clock and will do whatever it takes to tackle this crisis and protect the people of Qatar. May the Almighty protect all of you and protect all of us."