Al Sheehaniya Municipality’s Municipal Affairs Department conducted 600 inspection tours at Abu Nakhla, Mekainas and Al Sheehaniya areas recently, it was announced yesterday.
The Health Control Section conducted a number of inspection campaigns on street vendors and unregulated markets at Abu Nakhla and Mekainas areas and the food outlets and facilities at Al Sheehaniya. These resulted in issuing 13 violation reports according to law no 8 for 1990, in addition to three administrative decisions to shut two restaurants and a sweets shop at Al Sheehaniya area.
The inspection tours of the general control section resulted in issuing seven violation reports according to the Public Hygiene Law No 18 of 2017. The technical control section conducted a number of inspection tours to find out encroachments on state properties. A total of 13 violation reports were issued, with one referred to the security department concerned to take the necessary legal and judicial procedures. In addition, six administrative decisions were issued for the removal of such encroachments.   
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Municipality and Environment’s Agriculture Affairs Department has announced that the registration of agricultural farms which expires in March, April and May will be given extension until June 1.
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