90% business consumers happy with telecom services: survey
March 18 2020 10:09 PM
Amel Salem al-Hanawi
Amel Salem Al-Hanawi, Consumer Affairs Department manager, CRA

The Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) published on its website on Wednesday the findings of the ‘Business Consumers Satisfaction Survey’ with the telecommunication services conducted in 2019 among 1,635 businesses across a broad range of industry sectors, business sizes, and geographic locations in Qatar.

The survey was conducted to identify business consumers’ level of satisfaction with the telecommunication services provided by Ooredoo Qatar and Vodafone Qatar.

The survey measured business consumers’ satisfaction levels across all aspects of telecommunication services, including network coverage, service value, rate plans and tariffs, billing and payment, customer service, and complaint resolution.

The results indicate that the percentage of overall satisfaction with telecommunication services reached 90%, where 84% were satisfied with the mobile voice services, and 83% were satisfied with mobile Internet services (increased by 14% compared to the findings of the satisfaction survey 2015).

In terms of fixed-line services, 98% of consumers said that they are satisfied with fixed voice services, 94% satisfied with fixed Internet services (increased by 7% compared to 2015 findings), while 90% were satisfied with leased line services.

“In line with CRA’s keenness to ensure that all telecom consumers; individuals and businesses have advanced and reliable telecommunication services, the CRA communicates directly with the consumers to know their opinions about the quality and efficiency of the telecommunication services that they receive," said Amel Salem al-Hanawi, Consumer Affairs Department manager, CRA.

“This survey is one of the tools that the CRA relies on to achieve this purpose, as it contributes to identify the aspects that consumers believe needs to be developed; in turn, the CRA communicates with the service providers to work on developing telecommunication services in Qatar to meet consumers’ needs,” al-Hanawi said.

Business consumers also were asked about their opinion on whether the value they receive from the telecommunication services is good for the money they pay on monthly rental charges - 79% responded positively for fixed voice services, 76% for fixed Internet services and 70% for leased line services, and 70% responded positively for mobile voice services and 68% for mobile Internet services.

As for the value for international roaming charges of mobile voice services 48% indicated that the value is good and 46% said the same for international roaming charges of mobile Internet services.

Also 81% of consumers indicated that they are satisfied with the network coverage for mobile voice services and 77% with network coverage for mobile Internet services, and in terms of voice quality and clarity, 94% said that they are satisfied with fixed voice services and 79% with mobile voice services. Besides, 92% said that they are satisfied with the speed of data provided by fixed Internet services and 90% with leased line services (up 38% from 2015), followed by the speed of data provided by mobile Internet services at 74% (up 23% from 2015).

In addition, 81% of business consumers stated that they are aware of CRA’s role in protecting them from misleading and unfair practices (this percentage has almost doubled compared to the results of 2015).

The full findings report is available on https://cra.gov.qa/en/document/cra_business-consumer-satisfaction-survey-report-2019-en.

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