The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has announced that all public school students will begin their online studies starting next Sunday through the "distance learning" system.

The ministry said that students from the first to the third grade will use the MS Teams programme, while students from the fourth to the 12th grades will use the Learning Management System LMS, pointing out that these systems provide the advantage of interaction and communication with the teacher to both the student and the parent through 'Chatting'.

The ministry noted that it has prepared educational content for these levels by producing daily lessons that will be approximately 10 minutes each, focusing on providing the student with the concepts and values of these lessons, which will be available on electronic links via the digital platforms provided by the ministry.

The ministry added that these lessons were produced by specialised teachers who were carefully selected from schools who had previously received training in producing these lessons, noting that these teachers will explain the steps accompanying each lesson in a simple and sequential manner, to enable students to understand the lessons and answer the applications attached to them.

To ensure the continuity of the educational process and the achievement of the partnership between parents and the school, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education clarified that educational plans and the weekly schedule of classes will be published, and includes four illustrated study materials and daily and weekly assessments that the student will answer on a daily basis to ensure assimilation, on the ministry's website and the LMS system.

The ministry confirmed that it had taken into account these exceptional emergency circumstances, giving the student the privilege of accessing lessons and re-viewing them at any time, which gives the parent the opportunity to support the education of his children by distributing time between them to enter the platforms according to their class levels.

The main source of learning (textbooks) will be provided in PDF format, as well as more supportive videos, as well as a set of sample answers for parents.

With regard to distance learning for people with disabilities, the ministry said that work has been made to provide educational materials that meet the needs of students with disabilities, according to the level and type of disability, as lessons will be uploaded on the Learning Management System LMS for students of the first and second level.

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education confirmed that it will provide technical support to implement distance learning for schools and parents in the event of obstacles or challenges to the system, which will be available on the hotline 155.

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