The country is expected to witness unsettled weather conditions during intermittent periods from Wednesday until the beginning of next week, said the Department of Meteorology in a press statement.
Because of an expected increase in cloud amount there is a chance of scattered rain which can become thundery at times accompanied with strong winds causing blowing dust and low visibility in some areas.
During the rain this period, fast thunderstorm formations within a short period of time over a limited area can occur at evening and night time. The prevailing wind during this period will be Northeasterly to Southeasterly. It can be moderate to fresh becoming strong at times especially during expected thunderstorms causing wave height to rise to more than 8ft. 
Maximum temperatures are expected to range between 27-32C and minimums between 18-23C in different regions. 
The Met Dept advised the public to be careful during the unsettled weather and asked to avoid going to sea as well as to follow latest updates through the official social media accounts. 
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