The Ministry of Endowment and Islamic Affairs on Thursday announced several precautionary and preventive measures to be adopted in mosques as part of efforts to combat the coronavirus.

In a statement, the ministry said extra measures have been taken to improve hygiene inside mosques that include removing all that could be contributing in transmitting the infection, such as cups in refrigerators, soap bars and wastebaskets.

The statement said that mosques will be ventilated daily by opening windows before and after each prayer. The ministry said as part of the measures it has been decided to decrease the waiting time between the call to prayer and actual prayer to five minutes for all prayer times, in addition to closing the mosques after each prayer within 15 minutes and to open with each prayer's call.

The statement urged worshipers who show symptoms of cold or flu not to go to mosques during their illness period. The ministry advised worshipers to ensure they do their Wudu at home and not indulge in talks after the prayer in the mosque.

The ministry also advised all citizens and residents to comply with the health guidance issued by the competent authorities and co-operate with them.

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