Indian ambassador’s son co-authors promising work
March 10 2020 10:19 PM
CO-AUTHORS: Aditya Kumaran, left, with Tejas Narayan.

If you have an idea or a story to share as a writer, you need to stick to your plan and just not lose the sight of your goal. It gets frustrating sometimes but working hard is the key. 
Aditya Kumaran, son of P Kumaran, Ambassador of India, is a 17-year-old writer who recently published his maiden novel – The Promise of The Warrior. He along with his teenage friend Tejas Narayan wrote the book that is a fantasy fiction.
Community spoke to the young writer, who is a computer science student at American School Doha, about how he got into fiction writing and the book at length.
Aditya, who as a young boy has had quite diverse international experience, said it was very interesting how it all started in the first place. 
“I along with my co-author friend was in Grade VII or VIII, studying in India. We were both sort of international students attending school in India. We were kind of loners. To have fun during our free time, we invented a game involving a lot of imagination and questioning. We would always put ourselves in certain situations and ask each other how to deal and behave when put in different circumstances. When we were in Grade IX, I said why not translate all our ideas into a book and decided to give it a try. We parted ways as I had to come to Doha but we both were always in touch, continued to share ideas and kept on writing them down till we completed the book.”
The young writers had the plot but they still had to develop different characters and adapt techniques to narrate the story. “The book is a high fantasy novel. It is set in the past without any kind of modern technology. For centuries, the Kingdom of Aenor had been plagued with brutal raids from the dark elves. But only once was a prisoner ever taken – his name was Asten. As the lone witness to his best friend’s abduction, a gifted young hunter by the name of Erluc takes it upon himself to rescue him.”
The young writers initiated the idea as fun. When they started writing the book, the writers thought it would be a way to inspire others. “Writing kept us both connected. Just one word or one thought can inspire someone and that can lead to something substantial. We thought if our book can inspire just one person, it’ll be all worth it.”
The title for the book was changed about forty times before the writers agreed upon The Promise of The Warrior. “It was extremely difficult. Especially with two people writing it, it was not strange to have conflicting ideas. It actually helped us in making our book better. We both kept summing up the story in the title and make it catchy from marketing perspective. If I am to put the theme of the book in one word, it’ll be ‘promise.’
Aditya said they were not first taken seriously by people around them. “However, our parents were always supportive. They thought writing a book was lot better than playing games on computer. My younger brother and Tejas’ younger sister were the first one to read our book. They liked the book.”
The aspiring writer is mindful of the fact that book reading habit is diminishing but they still persisted with the idea. “Actually, our book is dedicated to those who still like to read. People of our generation do not read a lot. I think it’s a shame. Reading makes you think about certain things that you will never think of when watching a video. To understand other people’s perspective via reading is pretty important. The digital version of the book is already available.”
When asked about what it takes to be a writer, Aditya said, “I feel that you have to kind of stick with it. It is frustrating sometimes. If you have an idea, just do not lose it. Do not lose the sight of your goal. It helps the plan. Remember there is a rationale and keep working hard. For me, writing is a way to relax. You learn a lot when you write.”
The book is the first part of a series that the writers are planning to go ahead with. They have already started writing the second book. 

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