Folk, trance music’s therapeutic effect enjoyed by Doha audience
March 05 2020 10:04 PM
Daniel Matallana
Daniel Matallana, left, and Patrick Dilley.

The atmosphere was electrifying, with the audience dancing to the beats and tunes of predominantly therapeutic music for the first time in Qatar.
The recently held ‘High Tides Music Festival’ mesmerised the audience at the backyard of Sheraton Hotel where over 1, 000 people of diverse backgrounds gathered to listen to the assorted lyrics of the musicians who used various instruments to express themselves.
The cold and windy weather could not dampen the spirits of the enthusiastic audience who enjoyed a different sort of music that had no lyrics for about five hours. The music festival manifested real cosmopolitan trait of Qatar offering diverse music for a diverse audience.
The hand pan, ethnic electronic, tribal folk, and live trance music was brought by And Media for those who take keen interest in trance and tribal folk music. The music event offered an interesting blend of international singers and musicians. It featured globally renowned hang drum players Daniel Waples and Flavio Lopez (Hang in Balance), Shanka Tribe, one of India’s best bands; Daniel Matallana and Patrick Dilley, two well-known Qatar based artistes.
The music gala started with electronic music played by a local DJ who made audience dance. The aesthetic dance music presented by Daniel Matallana and Patrick Dilley gave the right kind of momentum needed for the concert that was yet to offer the best of therapeutic music. Matallana is a Colombian expatriate living in Qatar. He is a healer, dance psychotherapist, and meditation teacher. Patrick Dilley is a master of African drum and leads a drumming community in Qatar.
One of the highlights of the concert was the performance by Daniel Waples and Flavio Lopez, two guest artistes, who have earned global fame thanks to their unique set of music. British national Waples is a pioneer of the hand pan (hang drum) instrument and is arguably the most recognised player in his field. He travels globally to share his passion and introduce his music to new listeners. He has played in over 50 countries, and his music crossed over 40 million views on YouTube. He supports himself as an independent musician playing the hand pan, an instrument associated with energy work and alternative healing – one which he hopes will become a symbol for universal peace and the inner journeys all people take pursuing their individual paths. ‘Hang in Balance’ is the artistic title Waples has been playing under since 2011.
Flavio, a Swiss national of Spanish origin, is versatile and talented musician, having been playing the violin since he was just 9. He collaborated with orchestras and bands, performing extensively across the globe in several capacities. From classical music to electronica, Flavio feels comfortable within many different genres and musical ideas, adding a truly eclectic vibe to his sound.
The two-hour-long performance of Shanka Tribe – a tribal band of nine musicians from India – took the concert to its zenith. The band creates music with elements of nature and various time signatures, mixing genres with particular inclusion of Indian music. Their music awakens the soul of the listener into seeking the higher cause of existence.
The music event was also in support of Qatar Animal Welfare Society (QAWS), a non-profit organisation dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitation and re-homing of animals in Qatar.
“It was pure music and incredible vibes in harmony with Qatar, an all-embracing land and the home of cultural heritage. It proved to be a truly unprecedented experience that reinvigorated souls of the audience,” said Tima ben Ibrahim, who was enthusiastic after listening the music.
“It was a sort of break from the everyday routine and the music has actually reinvigorated me. Nowadays, most of the concerts or music events in Qatar concentrate on mainstream music genres like hip hop, R&B, reggae, etc. The hand pan music and tribal folk trance has brought new colours for music lovers here,” Tima added.
Stefy Haneefa, another music enthusiast, said: “It was amazing as there were no songs. There were only melodious strains that really enchanted the gathering. We would love to have similar music in Qatar again and again.”

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