The Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) Wednesday enlisted on its social media accounts the steps taken so far by the authorities to protect the population from Covid-19, the coronavirus disease:

• Robust thermal screening procedures at Hamad International Airport and sea ports for passengers entering Doha from all countries. The screening helps to identify passengers with fever, one of the common symptoms of COVID-19.

• A special clinic at Hamad International Airport to conduct interviews and examinations of all suspected travellers at the airport. 

• Setting up residential accommodation for those people who meet the quarantine criteria. 

• Prioritized additional training for healthcare workers and the strengthening of infection prevention and control, and laboratory procedures.

• A community awareness campaign through a dedicated national website, TV and radio interviews with medical experts, regular social media messaging, and newspaper coverage. The campaign is being done through Arabic, English, Hindi, Malayalam, French and Chinese languages. 

• Regular active surveillance visits to hospitals and Intensive Care Units by Health Protection and Communicable Disease Control teams to ensure that no suspected cases of respiratory infections are missed in accordance with the WHO guidelines. 

For information on novel coronavirus, one can visit or call the 24 hrs hotline 16000, said the PHCC statement.

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