“It is all about your mindset, how you are educated and how courageous you are. I love the freedom that entrepreneurship offers. I love interacting with people and negotiating with them.”
This is a firm belief of Serban Spirea, Romanian expatriate and young entrepreneur, who has founded his own real estate brokerage company in Qatar with the name of FGREALTY. With big dreams for his company, he has been working very hard in making inroads into the Qatari real estate market.
The 30-year-old entrepreneur recently spoke to Community about his professional journey in Qatar and what he aims to achieve. “I came to Qatar when I was only 19. My mother came to Qatar when I was 14 and has been working here for 16 years now. I was a basketball player in Romania. When I came here, I played for Al Sadd Sports Club. I studied business marketing first in Romania and then in the UK.”
Serban founded his real estate company four and a half year ago. “I started working as a real estate agent when I came to Qatar. I love the freedom and the interaction with people. I love the fact that you can manage your own property portfolio and you can expose it the way you want. I also love the feeling that the real estate brokerage activity gives and how much it develops in terms of negotiations and sales.
“I also wanted to leverage myself after I started my company. I wanted to educate young people in a way that I give them a chance to be productive for themselves and their families. I hired my team consisting of young people not more than 22 or 23. I taught them and trained them. Most of them are mature now. They are now a solid team and that allows me to move around.
The managing director of FGREALTY further said: “Quite early in my career I saw an opportunity to have a real estate brokerage company. I still see it going up in future. My desire is to see it as the largest real estate company in luxury sector worldwide. We have a complete online real estate marketing platform of the company. This platform can be franchised slowly and gradually.
“I have ended up doing mainly luxury property business. I saw a slump in the luxury sector as an opportunity. I got involved with the landlords and the clients using our sale force. We deal in properties in Msheireb, The Pearl, Lusail and Al Dafna.”
When asked what he has to offer for expatriates as a realtor, Serban said: “It really depends on them. We sign corporate agreements with major companies. We also educate the customers about what they need and what is available in the market. We receive lots of inquiries.”
The realtor sees his company’s role as a bumper between landlords and the clients. “We are always intermediating supply and demand by creating a healthy competition. Our aim is to always have better deals for clients.
“I see a big opportunity in the property sector here. With 2022 fast approaching, we have started feeling a big wave coming in the real estate business. There are huge projects going on. There is definitely going to be a positive impact on the market. Many new projects are coming that we filter for our clients.”
Serban calls himself blessed to be in Qatar when there is lots of development. “I am blessed to have my work here. I always believe that FGREALTY is a produce of Qatar. All the reputation we have earned and the clients we have gathered is all because of the country we are based in. The company is going to be the first Qatar-based real estate business to have franchises in different countries. The company has also managed to expand in the Eastern European market and opened its first franchise office in Bucharest, Romania.”
For Serban to be an entrepreneur is to have a certain kind of mindset. “It does not matter wherever you are, if you have the mindset of guiding and helping others and group people together, you can be an entrepreneur successfully.
“To be in Qatar, it has been little challenging. However, I like it to be here. I see my opportunity in Qatar.” 
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