The Russian Presidency announced that Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will discuss on Thursday the developments in Syria, taking into consideration the aggravation of the situation in Idlib province northwest Syria.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Kremlin said that Putin will hold talks with Erdogan, who will visit Russia, and they will discuss the Syrian issues on the background of the aggravation in the cease-fire area in Idlib.

Meanwhile, the Turkish President emphasised on Monday, that his country is seeking to activate all diplomatic channels side by side with their field struggle, for the operation to succeed as soon as possible and to stop further bloodshed.

He also expressed hope to reach a cease-fire agreement in Idlib during his talks with his Russian counterpart.

The Turkish Ministry of Defence announced the neutralisation of 327 elements form the Syrian Regime during the last 24 hours, in the framework of the Operation Spring Shield in Idlib.

In a statement, the Turkish Ministry of Defence said that the last 24 hours have witnessed the shooting down of a fighter and a drone, in addition to destroying six tanks, five artillery, two air defence platforms, three armoured vehicles, five pickups, six military vehicles, and an ammunition depot, as well as the neutralisation of 327 elements from the Syrian regime.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov refused on Tuesday the accusations of the United Nations on the Russian procedures in Idlib, emphasising that the UN investigators do not know what is happening on the ground.

Replying on the accusations to Russia of the indiscriminate shelling in Syria, Peskov said, ‘We strongly reject these claims,’ adding, ‘It's obvious that one committee cannot have reliable information of what is happening on the ground.’

The UN independent committee to investigate human rights violations in Syria had published a report about the investigation on the situation from July 2019 to January 2020, which mentioned specifically death cases of civilians.

The situation in Idlib had witnessed unprecedented tension in the shadow of the escalation approached by the Syrian regime against civilians, despite Turkey and Russia have reached an agreement in September 2018 that stipulates establishing a demilitarized zone. (QNA)