Three more countries announce their first confirmed coronavirus cases
March 01 2020 06:50 PM


Three more countries have announced that they discovered for the first time an infection of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in their country, those are from Asia and Europe. Both of Australia and Thailand confirmed their first two deaths from the virus.

The Irish Department of Health said in a statement, that it has recorded its first novel coronavirus infection with an Irish man coming back from northern Italy, indicating that the infected man had received medical follow-up under the approved protocol, after testing positive for the virus.

The department also said that it was able to quickly identify who the patient connected with, and that to inform and advice them to avoid the virus outbreak.

The Irish Minister of Health, Simon Harris, said that his country has been preparing for this possibility since last January.

On another hand, the Armenian authorities confirmed first case of coronavirus in the country, after they subjected people arriving from abroad to the necessary medical checkups.

It also clarified that the infected person came back on Friday from Iran with his wife, when then it decided to subject the entire family members and the people whom they have connected with to medical supervision, that was two days ago.

For its part, the health authorities in Luxembourg announced first confirmed case of the novel coronavirus in their country, adding that the patient is a male returning from Italy through Charleroi Airport in Belgium.

It also said that the patient showed symptoms at the beginning of the week, and the search is ongoing to determine the people whom were connected with the patient.

Furthermore, Luxembourg ministry of health clarified that the affected person was isolated with his family in Hospital Center of Luxembourg, although his family did not show any symptoms of the disease.

Moreover, Australia has recorded on Sunday its first death from the novel coronavirus of a man, who was evacuated from the cruise ship (Diamond Princess), which was quarantined off Japan's coasts.

The Australian authorities said that the labouratory tests have shown the infection of two persons after they came back to the country and got quarantined for a two weeks period in Darwin city.

Meanwhile, the Thai health authorities confirmed on Sunday in a statement its first death form the virus of a man who had Dengue fever, indicating that it recorded 42 coronavirus cases since last January, 30 of have recovered, while 11 are still in hospitals.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced earlier on Sunday, that the Covid19 has been reported in 59 countries around the world, and 87 thousand people got infected until now, while the death toll from the virus have approached 3000 people. (QNA)

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