Qatar-US bilateral trade 'increasing'
February 27 2020 10:02 PM
William Grant
William Grant

The relations between Qatar and US are exceptional and the bilateral trade marked an increase of 35% in 2019, the US embassy chargé d'affaires William Grant has said.

He was addressing a press roundtable at his residence on Thursday to discuss Qatar-US relations over the past two years of his tenure in Qatar.

Grant explained that investment is increasing in both countries. Qatar is investing in the US while the American companies are investing in Qatar.

“Qataris tell us that they get good returns on their investments so it’s a win win situation. The US is seeing economic growth and increase in jobs for its citizens. Our business and economic relations are strong and Qatar makes the US feels welcome,” he stated.

Grant recalled it has been a fantastic experience living and working in Qatar and his tenure has witnessed several accomplishments. "The relation between the two countries is exceptional and this is the result of strategic decisions, made by the leadership of Qatar to work very closely with the US on various areas. The US embassy works continuously with entities of the government to make progress on a range of issues."

The military co-operation between Qatar and the US has strengthened over the last three years, the chargé d'affaires pointed out.

"It’s important for the US military to have a good base platform for it's operations. And Qatar provides it. What is very obvious is the airbase . Our air force is extremely happy with what Qatar has provided with,” he said.

The US diplomat observed that the two countries also have exceptional co-operation outside the base. “The US Navy and Qatar Navy are doing more together. US naval ships that patrol in the Arabian Gulf stop in Qatar for resupplies. We also see the Qatar military becoming a stronger partner. They work hard to support us in joint operations in the region. We are training pilots of the helicopters that the US has sold to Qatar,” he said.

The two countries are working to ensure the protection of workers and a Qatari delegation of judges will visit the US next month for training and exchange experience at labour courts.

He hailed Qatar for taking tremendous steps to increase protection of workers and give them the rights they deserve. Grant stated that the US is doing a lot of work to develop Qatar’s capacity. “We have trained labour inspectors here,” he said.

The charge d'affaires noted that Qatar Foundation (QF)is a great success, and said the US is glad that six of it's universities are functioning with QF. “We are glad that all six US universities have more than 50% women. The US is contributing to the future growth of Qatar by helping to train the young people to bring the country to the next level,” he said.

While asked about the unjust blockade, Grant said dispute is not good and it should be resolved. "The US position is pretty clear. And we say to all our friends that it’s distracting us from more important priorities in the region. We want them to come to an agreement and move on with more important things,” he added.

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