A better kind of home connectivity from Vodafone Qatar: No interruptions, no dead zones
February 27 2020 01:52 AM

Home Internet connectivity has come a long way from the early days when using the Internet meant the entire family had to huddle around their router to be within range of the Wi-Fi signal. We are now able to enjoy the kind of connectivity that can cover every corner of the home and capture each family member’s differing digital demands.
One of the best choices for households in Qatar today is the Vodafone GigaHome platform, an innovative suite of home internet services powered by Vodafone Qatar’s GigaNet network. 
Connectivity through GigaHome guarantees Wi-Fi in every room, whatever the size of the house, using a state-of-the art Giga Wi-Fi Hub. 
The technology, supported by Samsung “mesh” devices, intelligently, seamlessly and safely connects the entire family, making GigaHome ideal for families who need to connect several devices to a single router. Enabling Wi-Fi coverage in every room of the home lets everyone do what they want online with no interruptions – a better way to enjoy a smart digital lifestyle as a family.
Parents can catch up on news, entertainment or other video content on the smart TV in the living room; kids can stream the latest audiobook on a laptop in the bedroom upstairs, or enjoy a competitive game on the PlayStation, or catch up on YouTube tutorials on their smart phones for social media downstairs - meaning the whole family can make the best of their smart technology sharing a single connection wherever they are in the house, at the same time.  
Such connectivity eliminates ‘no go’ areas in the home such as the kitchen or the balcony. Chances are that most of us use our smart phone or tablet all over the house and not in one place all of the time. Now there is no need to be tied down to the living room or wherever the signal is stronger or suffer from intermittent service interruptions. 
Vodafone Qatar currently offers a range of options to enjoy this home connectivity, including both fibre and wireless home services (on 4G or 5G Vodafone routers depending on the customer’s location). Since the launch of Vodafone GigaHome 5G, customers here in Qatar have become among the first in the world to get high-speed 5G internet speed in their homes. 
Vodafone Gigahome customers can enjoy high-speed internet connection that enables Wi-Fi coverage in every corner of the home, and access to exclusive content on GigaTV, Vodafone’s unique TV service that offers a wide range of niche TV content tailored to entertain every member of the family. Among the lifestyle benefits are ‘Vodafone Entertainer’ and WAVO by OSN - that provides great family entertainment with an array of live channels from around the world, award-winning TV shows and on-demand movies. 
The kind of connectivity which GigaHome offers guarantees an enjoyable digital lifestyle, especially now when an internet connection has become as essential as an electricity or a water connection in our homes.
Every family member can now have their connectivity needs met with Vodafone Qatar, an all rounded digital solutions partner helping to enhance our digital lifestyle; both at home and on the go.
Vodafone Qatar currently has an exciting new GigaHome special offer - ‘Don’t buy, just try’ - which lets anyone try GigaHome smart Wi-Fi and enjoy three months at no cost. Customers who sign up for the trial will have one month to experience and enjoy the service and then decide whether to continue without paying any monthly rentals on their chosen plan. Customers can live chat with an agent to learn more at www.vodafone.qa/try or visit any Vodafone Qatar retail store. 

About Vodafone Qatar P.Q.S.C.

Vodafone Qatar P.Q.S.C. (“Vodafone Qatar”) provides a comprehensive range of services including voice, messaging, data, fixed communications, IoT and ICT managed services in the State of Qatar, for both consumers and businesses alike. The Company commenced commercial operations in 2009 and has 1.7 million customers as of 30 September 2019. Its state-of-the-art network infrastructure is expanding to cover key locations in the country with fibre connectivity and 5G, along with an extensive digital ecosystem, which will contribute to Qatar’s continued growth and prosperity.  Vodafone Qatar’s vision is deeply rooted in its mission to connect today’s ideas with the technologies of tomorrow by pioneering digital innovation and becoming people’s first choice in telecom and digital services. Please visit www.vodafone.qa for more details.

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