The ambassador of Algeria to Qatar Dr Mustafa Boutoura affirmed that the current visit by His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani to Algeria is of great importance in light of the political changes and difficult challenges that the world is witnessing, especially in Arab region.
The Algerian ambassador said in a press statement that the Amir’s visit to Algeria constitutes a good occasion for fruitful talks with President Abdul Majeed Tabun  on means to strengthen relations between the two countries which are witnessing steady and rapid growth in partnership and investment, both at the governmental and business levels, in addition to all Arab and international issues of common concern.
He emphasised that there are identical views between the two countries on many Arab and international issues, foremost of which the Palestinian cause and the current crisis in Libya.
He said that the relations between Algeria and Qatar are distinguished on the political level, as they are characterised by mutual respect and continuous consultation and co-ordination on issues of mutual interest, referring to the mutual visits between senior officials which are a testament to the exceptional relations that bring together the two countries and which are in continuous development on more than one level. He also affirmed the keenness of the two leaderships to strengthen these relations in all aspects, to further strengthen them and to promote them for the good, prosperity and development of the two countries.
Regarding the Gulf crisis, the ambassador explained that from the standpoint of the principles of his country’s established foreign policy, Algeria was the first Arab country since the beginning of the Gulf crisis to call for the adoption of dialogue and political methods to deal with this crisis between brothers, the conservation, under all circumstances, of the principles of good neighbourliness, non-interference in internal affairs of states and the respect of their sovereignty.
On economic co-operation, he said that this aspect of relations between the two countries witnessed a qualitative leap that was well embodied in the construction of the Iron and Steel Complex in Bellara region in the Jijel province, east of Algiers, stressing that this is one of the most important strategic partnership projects in the economic field between the two countries, at an investment cost of about $2bn.
The Algerian ambassador also pointed out that there is a mixed investment company in addition to other investments by Qatari investors in the agricultural, real estate, hotel and tourism sectors, as well as Ooredoo group, which is a pioneer in the telecommunications sector, adding that there is a proposal for a study by the competent authorities in both countries on the possibility of opening a branch of Qatar National Bank (QNB) in Algeria, and the establishment of a shipping line linking the two countries, in order to promote trade exchange between the two countries and investments in various fields.
In the same context, Dr Boutoura stated that there is a great desire on the Qatari side to embody promising investment projects in Algeria by some of well-known businessmen, pointing out that many available opportunities and capabilities were discussed in several sectors in Algeria, foremost of which are agriculture and coastal, desert and mountain tourism. 
He said that the Algerian-Qatari partnership is expected to be strengthened and expanded with the upcoming meeting of the 6th session of the Joint Higher Committee, in which preparations are underway for the meeting to be held as soon as possible in 2020, in addition to the Business Council.
Furthermore, he noted the permanent co-ordination between the two countries within the framework of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF), stressing that the two countries are among the largest producers and exporters of gas in the world and seek to study the opportunities available in these two fields in order to sign future investment projects.
He pointed out the agreements, memorandums of understanding and protocols between the two brotherly countries which include areas of multi-industry cooperation, energy and mines, maritime transport, agriculture, culture and media.
The ambassador also noted the military co-operation between the two countries, saying that this is on multiple levels and includes various fields including issues of security and counter-terrorism. The two countries are developing and strengthening co-operation in the fields of security and defence through mutual visits, he added.
He said that there are many bilateral visits in the military fields at the highest levels, underlining that these visits are strengthening through the mutual participation between Algerian and Qatari military officials in many events held in the two countries.
The ambassador affirmed his country’s keenness to develop bilateral relations with Qatar in all fields, adding that the Qatari side has the same desire and there is an important co-operation in several fields and also in the cultural and sports fields, stressing that both sides aspire to further fruitful co-operation in these areas.
In this context, Dr Boutoura pointed out that Algeria is ready to contribute in every way possible to the success of hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar which is a wonderful achievement and a pride for the country and its people and for all Arabs as well.
On the Algerian community in Qatar, he said that it is an elite and works in various sectors of economic, social and cultural activity, especially oil and gas, aviation, sports and media that provides a contribution appreciated by the Qatari leadership, as it contributes to the development process in light of Qatar National Vision 2030 and preparations for the great world event 2022 FIFA World Cup.
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