HE the Minister of Public Health Dr Hanan Mohamed al-Kuwari was briefed Tuesday on the equipment and procedures at Hamad International Airport to detect any cases of Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) infection, as part of procedures that include all the country's entry points that aim to monitor and detect cases as early as possible and curb its transmission between members of the society.
During her tour at the airport, HE the Minister was accompanied by HE chairman of Qatar Civil Aviation Authority Abdullah bin Nasser Turki al-Subaie, and was briefed on the equipment that includes thermal scans and the medical clinic at Hamad International Airport as well as the readiness of medical staff.
She affirmed the importance of maintaining a state of high alert to detect, isolate and report any suspected cases of infection of the virus, and maintaining close cooperation between the health sector and all relevant authorities, with the application of basic preventive measures by all members of society, pointing out that disease prevention is a shared responsibility of everybody.
The Ministry of Public Health has tightened precautionary and preventive measures to deal with the COVID-19, which includes examining all travelers coming from countries that have recorded a noticeable increase in the outbreak of the virus and air and sea navigation crews through the country's various entry points.
The Ministry reaffirmed that no cases of COVID-19 have been registered in the State of Qatar so far.
The Minister also recommended the postponement of travel to China, South Korea, Iran, Singapore, Japan and Italy.
She explained that isolation or quarantine is applied to travelers from China, South Korea and Iran.