In line with the rapid developments related to the spread of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) globally, the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) announced Monday a number of additional measures to monitor and detect any suspected cases.
The ministry has also implemented all recommendations issued by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in this regard.
In a press statement, the ministry said that due to the increasing number of cases diagnosed in both South Korea and Iran and the monitoring of new cases in a number of countries in the region, coordination has been made with the concerned authorities to examine all travellers coming from countries that have recorded a significant increase in the outbreak of the virus.
A number of residential buildings equipped with all the amenities have been prepared to host the persons who meet the quarantine standards, while continuing to screen people who show fever and respiratory symptoms to be transferred to the Communicable Disease Center, to do the necessary checks and provide the appropriate treatment, the statement said.
The Ministry of Public Health affirmed its keenness to maintain high alert in the health sector to detect, isolate and report any suspected cases, as well as raise the level of preparedness in combating the transmission of infection in hospitals and health centres.
It advised the residents to postpone travels to China, South Korea, Iran, Singapore, Japan and Italy.
The Ministry confirmed that no Covid-19 cases have yet been registered in Qatar, and renewed its commitment to the principle of transparency in communicating the facts to all members of the society.
The rapid response team in the Ministry operates around the clock and receives any communication or inquiry related to communicable diseases on the hotline numbers 66740951 or 66740948.