US leader praises Modi but forgets Mahatma Gandhi
February 25 2020 12:28 AM
The message of Trump is seen at Gandhi Ashram’s visitors book after his visit with First Lady Melania Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

IANS/New Delhi

US President Donald Trump was criticised yesterday for not mentioning Mahatma Gandhi in the visitors’ book of Sabarmati Ashram and instead praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Trump also called Modi a “great friend” and termed his tour a “wonderful visit”.
“To my great friend Prime Minister Modi – Thank you for this wonderful visit,” Trump wrote and signed.
It was also signed by First Lady Melania Trump.
This act drew eyeballs on social media as Trump left a message in the visitors’ book without any mention of the Father of the Nation.
A Twitter user wrote: “Clearly u, @realDonaldTrump, have no idea about the Sabarmati Ashram, the great MahatmaGandhi. No mention of Mahatma Gandhi by President Trump in his comments in the visitor book. GoBackTrump.”
Another wrote, “This Is D Insult Of MahatmaGandhi On His 150th Birth Anniversary Year...Mr @narendramodi Must Apologize To Nation On Behalf Of @realDonaldTrump @POTUS and Mr @realDonaldTrump himself should also apologize unconditionally for his ignorant behavior towards our fatherofthenation.”
Yet another post read, “Respected @realDonaldTrump @POTUS...You need to write your experience about Your visit to Sabarmati Ashram.... You can say thanks to @PMOIndia @narendramodi later... don’t insult MahatmaGandhi’s an insult to the nation.”
“@realDonaldTrump, it’s really unfortunate if you visited Sabarmati Ashram and didn’t speak a word about  MahatmaGandhi ji. May be your friend from India might have insisted you to do so !” a user remarked.
The Congress party also criticised Trump for not mentioning Mahatma Gandhi and instead praising Modi.
“This is a snapshot of the note that someone sent. It ostensibly is @realDonaldTrumps note at Sabarmati. No mention of the Great Mahatma. Does he even know who Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was?” Congress leader Manish Tewari tweeted.
Tewari also shared the pictures of former president Barack Obama who praised Gandhi during his visit. “And this is what @barackobama had to say about the Great Mahatma possibly at Rajghat or Sabarmati.
Netizens were quick to take screenshots of what Obama had written when he visited Rajghat on January 25, 2015: “What Dr Martin Luther King Jr said then remains true today: The spirit of Gandhi is very much alive today. And it remains a great gift to the world. May we always live in his spirit of love and peace – among all people and nations.”

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