Making learning fun with modern technologies
February 24 2020 10:39 PM

ABC Matrix is a cross functional social media platform which connects teachers and students from any part of the world to be a part of its learning management platform. The digital platform operates from Qatar.
Karthik Govin, Indian expatriate and founder of ABC Matrix, is an electronics and communication engineer by profession. He has a vision to use the digital technology in a way to make learning a fun for kids. 
“I feel strongly that we all are living in the age of digital transformation thanks to all of our combined experience in the way we use the technology for communication from old rotary dial telephone system to smart phone. I am excited to see a lot of changes,” said Karthik in a recent talk with Community.
Explaining his digital platform, Karthik said: “ABC Matrix has a team for learning music, dance, drawing, singing and speaking from experts.
“ABC Matrix’s objective is to take a leading role in introducing learning computer programming, electronics, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things as an art and a skill that can be nurtured to the best possible way.”
The engineer turned entrepreneur further said: “It is always good that a painter, dancer and musician teaches or programs the robot to paint, dance and compose music respectively.”
He added: “ABC Matrix has achieved many milestones in its objective having 100+ team members learning multiple talents in different parts of the world.
“ABC Matrix will soon be hosting an international event of multi-talent show to prove that engineering is an art when learnt right and art has a solution for all problems in the modern world.”
The tech savoy further said: “Besides the digital platform, we have 10 skill development centres working in Qatar to enhance the skills of people using modern technology. We inspire people to learn by themselves. We also have different electronic projects. Automation is sneaking in upon us in day to day affairs. One should have the basic knowledge.”
Karthik, who believes that learning process can be made a fun using modern technologies, said: “I am also really impressed by Qatar National Vision 2030 that lays a lot of stress on use of modern technology in ushering in novel solutions of the persisting problems. Take the example how Qatar solved the issue of camel racing and excluded children jokey from the sport using modern technology. It was really inspiring for me. The vision of the Qatar government actually led me to the belief that we first need to understand the problem and then use technology to get a solution.”
The inspiration has led Karthik to set up ABC Matrix platform for children to looking for solutions in the fun manner. “In general, parents understand that getting a job after lots of hard work and education is not easy. The young people always need to enhance their capacity and to be innovative. Only in this way they can be productive for their employers.
“ABC Matrix teaches these traits to the students at a very young age. It allows them to mingle with each other through online learning activities. They can share their knowledge and improve themselves and others. Actually the platform is not strictly children-specific. So far, we have seen a lot of interest by people in the platform.”
Karthik also sees huge scope for his model of making learning a fun in Qatar. “There are multiple things taking place in the country. There are different international conferences and sporting evening happening or coming to this country. Qatar is a multi-cultural country at the same time. If we are able to materialise a constructive concept here, it can benefit people from across the world and eventually the advantage can go to the other countries.”
Karthik also deems himself lucky to be in Qatar. 
“I have learnt the new concepts in Qatar and the country has made me able to materialise the concept. There is real appreciation for learning and novel ideas can be found here. I myself had been a part of some incubation centres in Qatar.”

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