Qatar Chamber held a meeting Monday with a Turkish parliamentary delegation visiting Doha, which is headed by the chairman of the Turkish-Qatari Parliamentary Friendship Group, MP Vahit Kiler.
During the meeting, the two parties reviewed ways to support the existing co-operation between Qatari and Turkish business owners, and how to strengthen areas of co-operation in new sectors that contribute to supporting the economy of the two countries.
Qatar Chamber first vice chairman Mohamed bin Towar al-Kuwari said the private sector in both Turkey and Qatar “has distinguished relations embodied in many diverse projects,” noting the need to benefit from Turkey's economic experience “as a role model.”
He stressed that there is “great interest” on the part of Qatari investors in exploring the investment opportunities available in Turkey, which is considered a leading investment destination with many opportunities that attract business owners in Qatar.
Al-Kuwari explained that the current conditions “are the most appropriate” to launch more co-operation between business owners from both sides, and to take advantage of advanced infrastructure in Qatar, considering the incentives and legislation that encourage investment, as well as the existence of economic zones and free zones that attract domestic and foreign investment.
For his part, Kiler praised the co-operation relations “that bind the two countries,” even as he reviewed many opportunities available in Qatar and Turkey where the private sector could co-operate.
He added that the visiting parliamentary delegation includes five parliamentarians representing the Turkish-Qatari Parliamentary Friendship Group, which was recently established to discuss ways to improve economic and trade relations, as well as to work to solve the obstacles facing Qatari investors in Turkey.
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