QC ‘Relieve Aleppo’, ‘Arsal Relief’ campaigns benefit 9mn people
February 24 2020 12:22 AM
Qatar Charity
Qatar Charity

QNA /Doha

Qatar Charity said that ‘Relieve Aleppo’ and ‘Arsal Relief’ campaigns benefited more than 9mn people. Qatar Charity revealed that ‘Relieve Aleppo’ campaign reached about 7,877,000 beneficiaries, while the ‘Arsal Relief’ campaign benefited 1,318,000 persons. It explained that the total donations for the two campaigns amounted to about QR68mn.
In a statement, Assistant of the General Director for Operations and International Partnership of Qatar Charity Faisal Rashid Alfehaida said that the relief campaigns are essential part of Qatar’s charitable work, adding relief and international partnerships of Qatar Charity is providing assistance to displaced Syrians and refugees inside Syria and the countries of asylum throughout the year. 
He pointed out that the global funding for the past year only covered 54% of the humanitarian needs of global humanitarian action issued by the United Nations, which means that the gap between need and funding reached 46%, adding the gap increases annually. Alfehaida pointed out that the needs of displaced Syrians and refugees inside Syria and in the asylum countries reached about $9bn in 2019, only $4bn of them were covered, meaning that only 42% were covered, according to United Nations statistics.
He noted that Qatar Charity has presented during the past years a bright image of citizens and residents through their donations, affirming that the donations, that exceeded QR300mn, expressed the solidarity in Qatar with the Syrian displaced and refugees. Alfehaida pointed out that the projects implemented by Qatar Charity are consistent with the annual plan of the United Nations to meet part of the annual need.
He explained that Qatar Charity works through its offices and executive partners mainly in the areas of food security, shelter, non-food items, health, education, and water, in addition to the areas of livelihoods (economic empowerment) and psychological and social support. He noted that Qatar Charity focuses heavily on its projects on giving the targeted people a long-term benefit, and includes the most vulnerable segments of society. Alfehaida confirmed that Qatar Charity works according to the annual local and regional response plans issued by the United Nations Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA), adding that in times of disasters Qatar Charity works in accordance with the laws, regulations, and plans of the countries in the workplace, and co-ordination with Qatar Charity offices in different countries and International and UN partner bodies.
He added that Qatar Charity works in the field of humanitarian work on three main stages: building the capabilities of local communities, supporting disaster response systems, and the fields of education, health, and some other sectors such as food security, economic empowerment, and livelihoods.

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