Al Wasmi Garden Festival ends after wowing visitors
February 23 2020 02:15 AM
Al Wasmi Garden Festival at Katara.
Snapshots from the Al Wasmi Garden Festival at Katara. PICTURES: Nasar K Moideen and from Katara Twitter page

The Al Wasmi Garden Festival at Katara – the Cultural Village concluded yesterday after witnessing a huge turnout of visitors over the last five days.
From exquisite floral displays to fascinating garden designs from around the world and a range activities and shows - the festival had lots to offer to visitors of different ages.
Adding to the festivities was the daytime fireworks display, which left the visitors mesmerised with a riot of colours.
Making the most of the pleasant weather, people thronged the lush green Katara South Hills in large numbers to enjoy the beauty of the festival venue, the different gardens there, the wide range of floral works as well as the specially crafted entrances and pavilions.
The international garden designs represented five countries — Qatar, France, India, Britain and Japan.
The different activities held during the festival were aimed at raising awareness among people about the world of plants and flowers, and the modern technologies involved in their cultivation, Katara stressed in a statement. It was also an opportunity to highlight the importance of protecting the environment.
Twenty stalls were set up at the festival in order to shed light on the world of plants and flowers. They displayed various types of flowers, ornamental plants and cacti.
The flower market at the festival presented a wide variety of flowers and ornamental plants for gardening, beauty and home decoration purposes, along with plastic, glass and metal pots
in various shapes and sizes.
The designs of the gardens displayed at the South Katara Hills demonstrated the rich and fascinating cultures of different countries.
In the Qatari Garden, visitors were able to learn about traditional methods used in agriculture and irrigation, such as the ‘splitting into parts’ system, water channels that link fountains to agricultural land. The garden highlighted the Qatari legacy in gardening and farming through flower potting, storytelling, basket weaving, etc.
The Indian Garden’s gate design was inspired by the historic landmark, Taj Mahal, and visitors were greeted by a stunning scenery of flowers - including roses - with fragrant scents. Featuring henna as well as umbrella and peacock painting, the garden reflected the “picturesque nature of India amid feelings of calm and tranquillity”, the statement noted.
The French Garden, presented by Qatar Airways to celebrate the Qatar-France 2020 Year of Culture, was inspired by the traditional palace gardens in France. It also featured a design resembling the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris, besides swirly flower painting and a caricature artist.
The Japanese Garden was another key attraction, showcasing the pink colour that inspires comfort and relaxation, as well as flower origami.
The gate of the English Garden was inspired by the Buckingham Palace entrance, giving the festival a “distinctive gleam and offering captivating
scenes from one of the most famous gardens in the world”. Other highlights included hyacinth flower making and the ‘Gramophone DJ’.
Apart from different varieties of flowers, the festival displayed modern technologies related to farming and gardening. The pavilions made visitors aware of the art of designing and taking care of gardens and provided them with knowledge of plants and flowers, their shapes, the nature of their growth, methods of gardening as well as colours to esnure harmony between them.
Fountains and water streams also adorned the lawns at the venue, providing a perfect backdrop for photographs. Also, entertainment and educational activities were held for children, with students visiting the festival as part of school visits.
The festival also gave an opportunity to visitors to try out different delicacies.
Special shows and performances based on well-known tales were held during the festival, much to the delight of the audiences. These included ‘Dina’s Magic Garden Show’, ‘Peter Rabbit’, ‘Alice in the English Rose Garden’, ‘Jungle Book’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’.
A range of activities were organised for the whole family, including floral art and craft workshops, relaxation areas and live entertainment.
The workshops shed light on flower making, pottery, seed planting and mandala painting. Besides, different competitions were held to promote artists and talents.
The fireworks display was another major draw, wowing the huge audience that had gathered at the venue.
“It was fabulous. The first-of-its-kind event gave us, and others like us, plenty to enjoy,” said one of the visitors.
“Everyone in the family loved the festival. From the gardens to the fireworks and the shows - the children as well as the parents loved it all,” added another visitor.

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