The prices of locally produced vegetables have dropped by 50% in the yards meant for selling local agricultural produce compared to the previous weeks, an official has said.
The observation was made by Abdulrhaman al-Sulaiti, general supervisor of the yards for selling local agriculture produce at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME), while speaking to local Arabic daily Arrayah.
He noted that the current prices of vegetables at the yards are the lowest since the start of this agricultural season.
For instance, a box of tomatoes was being sold for just QR4, going up to QR14 for the variety grown in greenhouses.
He stressed that the agricultural yards have been highly successful in displaying and selling high-quality local produce while keeping prices at reasonable levels.
The products on display are classified and rated according to stipulated quality standards while also ensuring that customers are aware of this, enabling them to compare such items for themselves and select accordingly, the daily adds.
Al-Sulaiti said the MME has always supported both productive and unproductive farms to help them further contribute to the local market.
This is done through the distribution of greenhouses among them and supplying them with different types of seeds, fertilisers, insecticides and other necessary items for production.
Recent prices at the Al Mazrouah Yard were QR18-20 for a box of cucumber, QR30 for zucchini, QR10 for broccoli, QR9 for sweet pepper, and QR10-12 for eggplants Each box weighs around 7-8kg.
Consumers have also praised the services available at the yards in addition to quality of products sold there and the reasonable rates.