‘Whimsical’ cancellation of VFA will be a mistake
February 22 2020 01:12 AM
Members of the Gabriela Alliance for Women called for the termination of US-Philippines military exercises for 2020 as part of the termination of the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) and the immediate transfer of Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton to the National Bilibid Prison.

Agencies /Manila

The “capricious and whimsical” cancellation of the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) of the Philippines and the United States without Senate concurrence is a “serious mistake,” law experts told senators, as the chamber sought advice on its right in treaty abrogations.
While the executive has the right to withdraw from treaties, it needs the concurrence of the Senate to ensure that the right is not abused, Far Eastern University Institute of Law Dean Mel Sta. Maria told members of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, ABS-CBN News reported.
“The right may be clear, but that right can be abused,” Sta. Maria said, citing how lawmakers were allowed to discuss the cancellation of the Military Bases Agreement between Manila and Washington in 1991.
“I think that’s the very essence of the shared competency of the legislature and the executive department on the matters of treaty making and treaty withdrawal,” he said. Former Senator Francisco “Kit” Tatad said withdrawing from the VFA at this time without Senate concurrence “is a serious mistake that cannot be inflicted on the history of our diplomacy.”
“The decision to abrogate the VFA is a political act and not subject to a judicial review...(but) since he cannot have a valid treaty without Senate concurrence, he should not be able to abrogate that treaty without Senate concurrence,” he said.
Sta. Maria said the reason for the abrogation of the accord should be reviewed to check if it was done in the interest of the Filipino people.
President Rodrigo Duterte earlier ordered the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) to pull out from the VFA, which was signed in 1998 to govern the conduct of US troops in the country. American forces frequently visit the Philippines for exercises and training.
Duterte’s decision stemmed from the cancellation of Sen.
Ronald Dela Rosa’s US visa and the continuing criticisms his administration gets from American lawmakers.
“Was the unilateral termination illegal and a rude affront to the majesty and authority of this august body, the Senate? I submit it is,” Sta. Maria said.

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