Efforts to control the desert locust are continuing in a number of areas that have witnessed a proliferation since Thursday, the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) said Friday.
"Our field teams are working in accordance with an action plan aimed at combating swarms as soon as possible, and have produced positive results so far," the MME tweeted.
The ministry has reassured all citizens and residents that its "teams are there to deal with the situation", noting that the relevant authorities are implementing "organised campaigns" in this regard.
The MME thanked the public for its co-operation in monitoring and reporting locust swarms.
It called on people not to eat locusts that have been monitored in some parts of the country, while also asking farm owners not to consume wild plants in areas with locust swarms as these may have sprayed with insecticides used to control the situation.
The ministry has prepared a work plan and set up a control room that operates round the clock. Well-equipped work teams have been distributed in different parts of the country to deal with the situation, especially in the areas of Abu Samra, Al Sheehaniya and Al Wakra.
Control devices are continue to monitor locusts in order to take the necessary measures promptly, and the situation is under control and is not a cause for concern.
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