Doha sees coldest day of season at 11C
February 12 2020 07:29 PM
Cold weather


Doha on Wednesday experienced its coldest day this winter when it recorded a minimum temperature of 11C in the morning, the Qatar Met department said in a tweet.
Cold and windy conditions are expected to continue Thursday as well, the weather report shows.
A minimum temperature of 8C was recorded in Abu Samra, Karana and Turayna Wednesday, followed by 9C in Mukaynis, 10C in Wakra, Mesaieed, Sheehaniya, Al Khor, Umm Bab, Jumayliyah and Ghuwairiyah, 11C in Doha (airport area), Hamad International Airport area, Qatar University area, Mesaimeer, Dukhan and Shehaimiya, and 12C in Ruwais.

The maximum, too, remained relatively low Wednesday: 14C in Dukhan, Abu Samra, Karana and Shehaimiya, 15C in Al Khor, Sheehaniya, Turayna, Ghuwairiyah, Ruwais, Mukaynis, Umm Bab and Jumayliyah, 16C in Doha (airport area), Hamad International Airport area and Mesaimeer, and 17C in Wakra, Mesaieed and Qatar University area.
While low temperatures were experienced around the country on Wednesday, the 'real feel' — or the temperature equivalent perceived by humans, caused by the combined effects of air temperature, relative humidity and wind speed — was even lower due to the influence of the cold northwesterly winds, according to the weather office.
A tweet by the Met department last night showed that the perceived temperature was as low as 2C in the southern part of the country, while the actual temperature was 11C.
In Dukhan, too, the perceived temperature was 3.9C while the actual was 12.5C.
A difference was seen in Doha as well, with a perceived temperature of below 10C while the actual was above 12C.
The detailed forecast for Thursday says strong winds are expected in most areas of the country.
Offshore areas, too, will see similar windy conditions and high seas Thursday.
"It is expected that the northwestern winds will continue from fresh to strong in speed in most areas, leading to rising dust, especially in open areas," the department said in another tweet last evening, urging people to avoid marine activities.
Northwesterly winds will blow at speeds of 12-22 knots inshore, going up to 27 knots in some places at times.
Offshore, northwesterly winds will have speeds of 20-30 knots, reaching a high of 40 knots in the early hours.
It will be relatively cold during the day with clouds and slight to blowing dust in some places at times, the report says, noting that it will be cold at night.
The minimum temperature expected in the country Thursday is 8C in Abu Samra, followed by 11C in Doha, Wakra, Mesaieed and Al Khor, and 13C in Dukhan and Ruwais.
The maximum, on the other hand, is likely to be 17C in Abu Samra, Dukhan and Ruwais, 18C in Al Khor, 19C in Doha and 21C in Wakra and Mesaieed.
In Doha, the minimum temperature is expected to gradually rise after Thursday, reaching 13C tomorrow and 14C on Saturday, according to a tweet by the Met department.

Last updated: February 13 2020 12:14 AM

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