Activities of ninth edition of Sport Day begin
February 11 2020 12:49 PM
Activities of ninth edition of Sport Day begin
Activities of ninth edition of Sport Day begin


The National Sport Day activities were launched this morning in its ninth edition, in response to Amiri decision No. 80 for 2011, stating that each Tuesday of the second week of February shall be a Sport Day, in an unprecedented initiative aims to raise awareness of the importance of sport and its role in the life of societies and make it an essential part of the daily life of the individual.

Sports activities that are held all over the State's areas are free and multiple, including various sports, such as cycling, swimming, football, basketball, tennis, taekwondo, self-defense, beach volleyball, water sports competitions and indoor activities in clubs and sports federations. The day is dedicated for physical activities that allow everyone to be involved to promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

The first sport day was held in the State of Qatar in Feb. 2012. In this day, all the ministries and government's bodies and institutions organize sporting events in which employees and their families participate, to achieve awareness of the importance of sport and its role in the lives of individuals and societies.

All State's institutions and bodies participate in this event, so that Qatar becomes a large field in which tens of thousands of citizens and residents from all segments of society practice in many sports. Qatar is considered a pioneer in organizing a sport day at the levels of the region and the world, as some countries began to organize a sport day similar to Qatar, given its importance to the individual and society.

The Sport Day is receiving a great attention, as this distinguished event has become appreciated by all citizens and residents of all ages living on the land of Qatar, who have come in such great numbers to spend a special sporting day embraced in all areas of the State.

The Sport Day Committee had confirmed earlier the completion of all preparations for the activities of the Sport Day, and also revealed the activities and the places designated by the Ministry of Culture and Sports to celebrate sporting activities on this day.

This year's activities will be over nine different areas in the country. In the east of the country, there will be over 55 bodies marking the day including ministries, governmental institutions, sports clubs, academies, schools, etc. In the West, about 25 bodies will celebrate the day. In the North 12 bodies, while in the South, about 13 bodies will celebrate this event.

Some 25 bodies will be celebrated in Al Bada Park and Doha Corniche, headed by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, while Katara will have a large share of the celebration with about 53 bodies in the country.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports has also allocated 12 places especially for women's activities in the Lusail Circuit Club, Women's Sports Committee and some parks, gyms and schools.

A new application, which is the Qatar Sports For All Federation (QSFA) was announced today, to be the first electronic platform not only in Qatar but also at the regional level, so that Qatar's youth can get to know the available sports places, while other users can also book tickets to practice in their favorite sport.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports has called on all parties participating in the activities of the sport day to adhere to the standards and conditions mentioned in the Amiri Decision No. 80 of 2011, regarding the State's Sport Day, when developing plans related to the activities, to ensure that the desired goals are achieved, especially raising awareness of the importance of sport for different age groups.

The Ministry confirmed that the decision recommended focusing on physical, motor and awareness activities, as well as activities aimed at consolidating exercise as a daily health behavior, and enhancing awareness among participants of the importance of sport and its role in life.

In this day, Qatar confirms the extent of its great interest in creating a structurally and mentally healthy society. Qatar is the home of the championships by winning the 2019 Asian Cup and organizing the World Cup 2022, and this indicates that it is a country with a vision to maintain human health development.

The Sport Day aimed to inculcate the love of sport in the hearts of new generations so that they are fully familiar with all competitions and sports, especially as sports provide a fertile environment for the champions who raise the name of Qatar high in all forums and sporting events, as well as creating an active community able to work.

Through its Sport Day, Qatar has become a world-famous spectacularly, after it registered an exclusive global privilege, which is unparalleled in any of the countries with great fame in this regard. (QNA)

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