Islamabad, Rawalpindi find their own superheroes
February 11 2020 01:13 AM
Islamabad, Rawalpindi
Shahvez and Shahnawaz are siblings who hate each other but are forced to fight on the same team.


The first issue of the superhero comic book series, Paak Legion, released in January is titled The Long Lost Brothers.
Contrary to what people would expect, the two newly-introduced superheroes, Shahvez and Shahnawaz, are siblings who hate each other, but are forced to fight on the same team.
Paak Legion is the brainchild of Islamabad-based artist Umair Najeeb Khan and co-written by Iman Sultan.
The first issue introduces the brothers and gives their background story, leading up them becoming heroes.
It is, however, just a five-minute read, without any villain or superhero costumes.
The brothers sport unusual birthmarks, to which their superpowers are attributed, raising the question of whether they are humans, androids, or possibly aliens.
Their birthmarks, coupled with the static visuals, imply that their super powers are electric in nature.
What makes the brothers’ storyline more intriguing is how different the brothers’ personalities are.
Shahvez is more arrogant due to his hyper-privileged upbringing and accomplishments, while Shahnawaz appears to be more humble.
In terms of production values, there is a lack of consistency in the artwork and speech bubbles in The Long Lost Brothers, making one confused about who is saying what first, and who is who.
For example, the characters mysteriously lose their jackets in the very next panel, along with an unexplained change of outfit.
The comic book is priced at Rs650, plus shipping, and is available online.

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