The Ministry of Education and Higher Education celebrated yesterday the conclusion of the first phase of Tamheen programme, which aims at qualifying non-pedagogical Qatari graduates to work in the teaching profession.
A total of 23 female trainees attended the training.
Dr Ibrahim bin Saleh al-Nuaimi, undersecretary at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, congratulated all those responsible for the programme on the achievement they have made in attracting the first group of female trainees, and their success in the first phase of the programme to move to the field training.
Dr al-Nuaimi underlined that the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, represented by the Training and Educational Development Center (TEDC), is working hard to provide support for the trainees through providing the suitable competencies to give them the theoretical and practical training, as well as practising the educational process at schools.
For her side, Hessa al-Ali, director, Training and Educational Development Center, praised the accomplishments achieved in the first phase of the programme, and the ministry’s support in this regard, as well as the co-operation of the partners - Mada Assistive Technology Center and Teach for Qatar Organisation- in addition to those responsible for the programme’s planning and assuring of quality, training and supervising.
She added that the Ministry of Education and Higher Education aims to enhance and develop an effective workforce with a high-level of qualification and training in the educating field.
She believed that the trainees will carry out a leading role at schools, urging them to be armed with scientific expertise which will enable them to succeed in the second phase of field training.
Meanwhile, Mada Center chief executive office Maha al-Mansouri reviewed the objectives of Tamheen programme which aims to spread awareness on the necessity of education and digital knowledge, as well as keeping pace with the industrial revolution’s requirements which includes each of the student and the teacher, in addition to the educational environment, and the strategies and methods of teaching.
She stressed the importance of focusing on the student as the primary focus for the educational process, and developing the student’s skills to keep up with the technological qualifications and skills that the students of the 21st century are distinguished with.
The Tamheen programme is a pioneering initiative launched by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, aiming at qualifying Qatar University graduates and attracting them to the teaching profession. (QNA)
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