Doha Festival City (DHFC) is celebrating National Sport Day throughout the month of February.
"With so many activities and retailers participating, you will find something to do on your own or with your family and friends to help you stay fit and find the fun side of exercise," DHFC has said in a statement.

Here are 12 sport activities visitors can enjoy at DHFC this month:

* Running or Cycling Festival City competitions: enjoy running and cycling activities for kids and adults. Bring your bike and try out their track suitable for the newbies and the advanced. Or put on your running shoes and test your running skills on their specially dedicated route.
Location: Outdoor Leisure Track; Dates: every Friday and Saturday (and on National Sport Day); Time: from 8am to 12noon

* Sports for All: a Sports for All Zone will be set up on the 'Bird Island' located in the Angry Birds World - outdoor, featuring quick health check-ups daily throughout the month.
Location: 'Bird Island’ located in the outdoor area of Angry Birds World; Dates: daily in February; Time: daily from 4pm to 10pm (except on Sport day, when it will be from 8am to 10pm)

* Virtual Reality Rooms: Virtuocity will open up its Virtual Reality rooms for an "unparalleled" game experience in celebration of the day.
Location: Virtuocity; Date: National Sport Day only; Time: from 1pm to 5pm

* Obstacle Course: an Obstacle Course in Angry Birds World - outdoor, City Studio, will help all shoppers "experiment and enhance their mental and physical stamina".
Location: Angry Birds World - outdoor, City Studio; Date: National Sport Day only; Time: from 8am to 1pm

* F1 Racer: sign up for a life-like car race on the F1 racer simulator in Vituocity.
Location: Virtuocity; Date: weekdays in February; Time: from 12noon to 5pm (weekdays only)

* Activity: Xbox and computer games: game lovers can enjoy for free an "exhilarating experience" in the Xbox and Computer stations.
Location: Virtuocity; Date: weekdays in February; Time: from 12pm to 5pm (weekdays only).

* Kids Sports Activity: more fun awaits everyone in the theme parks atrium at the Kids Sports Activity area.
Location: Theme Parks Atrium; Date: daily in February; Time: daily from 4pm to 10pm (except on Sport Day from 8am to 10pm).

* Open Day: the ancient fort is opening its doors to welcome everyone to a magical snowy day.
Location: Snow Dunes; Date: Sport Day only; Time: from 8am to 11pm.

* Doha Festival City Crossfit Championship 2020: for Crossfit enthusiasts, here is your chance. Compete for the title of the Crossfit champion.
Location: West Parking - opposite to the main entrance; Date: February 28; Time: from 9am to 3pm.

* Sports Activities from Technogym: Technogym will organise a range of sports activities for visitors and shoppers, with a display of equipment and a trainer to explain how to use them, and a healthy eating and habits sessions.
Location: Tehcnogym store, East Corridor, First Floor; Date: every Monday and Wednesday; Time: from 9-10am (Mondays) and 2-5pm (Wednesdays).

* Sport Equipment Display
Location: Centre Court, First Floor; Date: February 1; Time: from 2pm to 5pm.
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