The Cooking Academy to hold ‘red corner’ event tomorrow
February 07 2020 12:06 AM
CHEFS: Mohamed Abdul Malik al-Emadi with his mother Aisha al-Tamimi.

People who love cooking will tell you that if you are a chef, no matter how good a chef you are, it’s not just about good cooking for yourself; but the joy is in cooking for others.
The Cooking Academy (TCA) is culinary startup in Qatar with the aim of bringing people together, to learn and enjoy the art of cooking. The academy does this through various engagements and events for culinary professionals and food lovers to interact and do what they love. The academy aims at ensuring that people prepare meals that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate.
The newly established academy has been organising food-tasting events for professionals and foodies. On February 8 (tomorrow) TCA has invited elite guests to go through an artistic and creative fusion between art, information and culinary, thereby offering a spectacular experience. The food-tasting event is named ‘red corner.’
The academy is founded and run by Mohamed Abdul Malik al-Emadi and his mother and celebrated Qatar chef Aisha al-Tamimi. Talking to Community, Mohamed explained the upcoming event and the primary objective of the cooking academy.
Elaborating on why they have named the event ‘red corner,’ Mohamed said: “The red colour is used to stop people at intersections. The corner refers to the building of TCA that is situated at a corner on the road. Red is also used to contrast with its surroundings, drawing the viewer’s attention. We would like our guests to stop at the corner building and see what we have to offer from our creations and services.”
The CEO of TCA added: “Red is one of the most powerful colours. It is therefore no surprise that it has long been associated with energy, attention, power, strength, vigor, beauty, love and desire.
“The red colour also has a history to tell. Red pigment made from ochre was one of the first colours used in prehistoric art, beliefs and customs. It is also artistic. Red colour enhances metabolism, increases respiration and increases blood pressure. On the day, we will have artists painting in red with edible colour. There will be a saxophone player presenting melodious music, and we will also have an ice carver.”
Speaking about what the academy has to offer to the visitors’ experience, Mohamed said: “The essence of the event is going to be the fusion of different foods. There will be different kinds of fresh juices and soft drinks. We will also offer different sorts of sushi. The desserts and sweets will include cakes, cupcakes and ice creams. There will also be traditional Qatari cuisine.”
The academy has already carried out two tasting events. “One of the events was named as ‘wood’. It was our first tasting event and we displayed our food on different kinds of wood. The second event was named ‘Eid’, carried out soon after Eid al-Adha.
“Actually, we are launching two classes a day from February 9 to 13. Every day, there will be two celebrity chefs conducting the classes. People can come, pay and taste different kinds of food during these days. A day prior to the start of the classes, the tasting event is going to be a kind of opening ceremony for the classes.”
Speaking about the cooking academy, Mohamed said: “I think we are the first of our kind to offer culinary teaching and awareness. The academy is run in two buildings. One is used for the consultancy, training and development part. The other building runs the shared kitchen concept. I secured the model where all new investors, who cannot or do not want to pay rents, practise their business. They have full access to the kitchen. We believe that we are the first to have the concept of shared kitchen and the first development culinary academy in Qatar.”
Aisha al-Tamimi is a celebrated Qatari chef. She has made her name in traditional Qatari cuisine and fusion with other international food. She has been appearing in televisions offering cooking classes and guidance.

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