Zurich-based fintech Instimatch Global, a leading network for institutional money market trading, has joined the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) platform, which has been witnessing increased interests from the fintech companies.
With a favourable macroeconomic environment, excellent business infrastructure and access to a $2.1tn regional market, Qatar offers fintech firms a lucrative market to grow their business and expand in the region. “Fintech companies are profoundly changing the way business is conducted in the financial services sector and Instimatch Global is one such company, ushering in services that are more efficient and cost-effective,” according to Henk J Hoogendoorn, managing director, Financial Sector, QFC Authority.
“The launch of this fintech disrupter in Qatar is a welcome addition to the 839 firms currently registered on the QFC platform, and an important development in establishing Qatar as the region’s fintech hub,” he added.
Qatar recognises the value of fintech in the growth and sustainability of the financial sector and has developed a National Fintech Strategy to establish the country as a regional leader in this technological evolution.
Sadiq Hamour, director of Financial Institutions, QFC, said it is working closely with government entities and global fintech companies to advance Qatar’s national fintech agenda.
“In our expansion internationally, we have found that treasurers want innovation and new ways to optimise money market operations. Here in the Gulf region, with highly developed money markets and pools of liquidity, we think sophisticated treasurers will be interested in the efficiencies and access we can provide,” said Daniel Sandmeier, chief executive, Instimatch Global.