The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) on Monday announced the opening of a new bridge and underpass at Mesaimeer Interchange, facilitating smooth traffic flow in the area which provides key connectivity to the Industrial Area and other locations.

At the interchange, a 1,300m long bridge was partially opened to provide free traffic flow from Rawdat Al Khail Street to Industrial Area Road while the 450m long new underpass connects traffic from Doha Expressway towards the Industrial Area Road.

With the opening, the temporary traffic light that connects Rawdat Al Khail Street, Doha Expressway and Industrial Area Road was removed.

Ashghal project engineer Hassan al-Ghanim said that the new openings provide free traffic flow between Doha Expressway and E-Ring Road and Rawdat Al Khail Street with the Industrial Area Road,” he said.

Mesaimeer Interchange has so far witnessed several openings. The first part, with a length of 220m, was opened in November 2019 to provide a free exit for those coming E Ring Road and heading to Rawdat Al Khail Street. This was followed by the opening of a 1km long underpass in December 2019 to provide a free flow of traffic for those coming from E Ring Road towards the industrial area road.

Described as the first of its kind in the country, the three-level interchange includes nine underpasses. The 6.1km long interchange consists of three to four lanes in each direction to accommodate about 20,000 vehicles per hour in both directions. It also contains two major bridges with one connecting Rawdat Al Khail Street and Industrial Area Road in both directions and the other connecting E-Ring Road with the southern part of Doha Expressway in one direction ensuring a smooth flow of traffic in all directions. The interchange also includes pedestrian and cycle paths along 23km with three pedestrian bridges.

It also connects E-Ring Road, Doha Expressway, southern part of Doha Expressway, Sabah Al Ahmed Corridor, Industrial Area Road and Rawdat Al Khail Street and provides a vital traffic link between the south, central and north of the country.

The interchange links traffic from the south through the southern part of Doha Expressway, main carriageway of Doha Expressway and Al Shamal Road. It also connects traffic between Industrial area road and the heart of Doha through a connection to Rawdat Al Khail Street which intersects with D ring and C Ring Road as well as between the busy areas of Nuaija, Al Thumama, Bu Hamour, Al Mamoura, Mesaimeer providing an easy access to Al Wakra, Al Wukair and the Industrial area.

The interchange is located in a vital area that has many facilities including Al Thumama Stadium and serves many important educational, health and commercial facilities such as the Medical Commission, Meteorological Department, many schools, health centres and nearby shopping malls. The interchange also includes a sophisticated intelligent transport system where surveillance cameras and vehicle number monitors will be installed along with an emergency traffic system to ensure better traffic control in Qatar. The Mesaimeer Interchange integrates with Sabah Al Ahmad Corridor linking Al-Wattiyyat Interchange, which is a strategic link between the southern part of Doha Expressway and it's main highway.