* Woqod lauded for opening fuel stations frequently around the country

Motorists have lauded the frequent opening of new fuel stations around the country by Qatar Fuel Company (Woqod), saying this has significantly helped reduce queues of vehicles waiting to fill up and given relief to them.
“Less time for refuelling actually means more time for other important matters, especially for those who are always on the road. I hope to see more stations opening soon,” Jeffrey M, an Asian expatriate who works as a salesperson, said Friday.
Jeffrey said he previously scheduled a particular day and time (early Friday morning) to refuel his car just to avoid the long queues. “Now, I just have to look for the nearest station on any given day and refuel right away.”
Woqod has been on a petrol station-opening spree of late, inaugurating three such facilities in different locations over the last three days and several more since the start of January.
It opened the 12,000sqm Sealine Petrol Station on Thursday, raising its network of fixed and mobile petrol stations to 103. Before that, the company opened the 12,750sqm Rawdat Al Hamama-3 Petrol Station on Wednesday and the 20,000sqm Al Nigyan Petrol Station on Al Majd Road on Tuesday.
Woqod has also announced the opening of the New Industrial Area Petrol Station, Umm Al Seneem (Ain Khalid-2) Petrol Station, expansion of the Al Hilal Petrol Station, Baaya Petrol Station, Al Sailiya-2 Petrol Station and expansion of the Al Markhiya Petrol Station since the beginning of January.
Apart from gasoline and diesel products, the petrol stations - which operate round the clock - offer services and facilities such as Sidra convenience stores, car wash, oil change and tyre repair, etc. Some of these stations also sell the Shafaf LPG cylinders.
The company also announced the opening of two mobile petrol stations at The Pearl and South Al Aamriya early in January.
The new openings come as part of Woqod's ongoing expansion plans to serve every area in Qatar.
In a statement, Woqod managing director and CEO Saad Rashid al-Muhannadi stressed that the company "aspires to expand its petrol station network in the country to meet the rising demand for petroleum products and achieve the goal of providing customers with access to best-in-class products and services at their convenience and comfort"
Woqod has recently accelerated the process for the construction of new petrol stations to meet the fuel needs of the country, he added.
Motorists have also lauded Woqod for extending the hoses at service stations, enabling attendants to fuel vehicles from either side of a pump.
Raju, a Bangladeshi expatriate who works as a driver for a private company, said this move maximised the use of lanes at every petrol station and prevented long queues, which earlier extended to the road at times, impeding the flow of traffic.
He noted that the increasing number of petrol stations has also made many motorists - who often take their vehicles for a car wash - breathe a sigh of relief.
“If a new Woqod petrol station opens, then new car wash service stations also open,” Raju said, adding that taking a vehicle for such a service usually consumes some time.
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