Actions speak louder than the words
January 22 2020 09:23 PM
Hala Bader al-Humaidhi
Hala Bader al-Humaidhi

By Hala Bader al-Humaidhi

Have you ever felt nervous before an interview or a presentation? Even after preparing your verbal part of it? Have you ever felt like someone’s lying on your face? It all happens due to the importance and credibility of body language. Gestures and actions are as important as your words. It tells you the difference between the truth and a lie. It will show others how responsible and trustworthy you are. Our body language conveys the verbal message with actual meaning and feeling. For example, the word ‘thanks’ has a very positive meaning but saying it with your eyes rolling and with a rude behaviour changes its meaning to a negative sense.
Intonation and body language gives the best interpretation of an individual’s behaviour, attitude, and psychology. Considering the old saying that ‘Actions speak louder than words’, here is a brief analysis of why body language is very important.

1. Confident and assertive behaviour: 
Having command in your body language helps you to convey your message easily and confidently. People feel attracted towards you and listen to you more attentively. That focus makes you more assertive and self-assured.

2. Better communication: 
Research assures that only 35% of our communication is based on verbal dialogues and the rest of the 65% is dependent on our non-verbal communication. Gazing around, folding arms, crossing legs, standing in support of something, affects your communication. Acting like an attentive person aids you while communicating to others.

3. Relationships: 
Besides of using words, showing affectionate and caring behaviour carries you to a good relationship. Using kind words while watching TV or using a cellphone instead of making eye contact loses their importance. Body language of your counterpart tells you their mood and you should respond accordingly. Holding hands, looking into the eyes  of a person and smiling can improve your relationship by a great margin.

4. Workplace: 
At your workplace like the office, body language plays a vital role for a manager as well as the employees. Positive behaviour energies the environment and workers to boost the team spirit for work. Open palms, sitting attentively, eye contact and a simple smile in the workplace or in an interview will present you as a responsible and a most eligible candidate in the forum.

5. Public Speaking: 
In public speaking or standing on a stage, body language becomes much important than ever. The use of your gestures, body movements and facial impressions in a positive and energetic way becomes inevitable. The audience judges you in the  first 2-3 minutes either to listen to you or ignore you. And those moments are entirely dependent on your body language and confidence.

Body language is way more important than we think. It is not an easy task to manage your body movements at the distress environment. It is a game of mind. Practice it in your daily routine so it becomes part of your behaviour. Don’t lean to much specially before interviews and meetings, sit straight but relaxed, stand with authoritative posture to feel confident, smile slightly, make a visual connection through eye contact, don’t stand too close and respect the other’s space. Initially, you may feel like your faking your behaviour and that’s not wrong. Faking it for some time will help you to make it a habit and then part of your personality.

Body language changes it all, give it a try!

The author is a consultant in Public Relations and Personality Types. Instagram: @Tipsbyhalahill

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