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January 08 2020 09:42 PM

By Hala Bader al-Humaidhi

How many times were you given a responsibility which was a total burden? Do you always feel that you are responsible for every person in your life? When something goes wrong is it always your fault? Well, here’s the upside of the situation, if you answered yes to the previous questions, then congratulations, you are a RESPONSIBLE person!
Now, let’s look at what responsibility means. Responsibility is an attribute of being accountable of your acts and behaviours, either good or bad. A person is called responsible when he does what he says, when he accepts what he has done, when he thinks critically and performs well even without supervision.
Responsibility has its own value in our lives, it brings trust, credibility, respect and love by others. There are many reasons that can cause us to become a responsible person, here’s a few:

Ability of becoming a leader: 
Responsibility is a common trait observed in leaders. A leader is a person who thinks before doing something and stays consistent. It represents a person who arrives at appointments and meetings on time, ensures to complete his/her work on time and maintains the trust of people.

Build long-lasting relationships: People wish to have friends who are responsible and trustworthy. Everyone makes mistakes but the one who can accept them takes the leap. People prefer to live with a person who takes responsibility of his actions. Empathy and responsibility go hand in hand. A responsible person takes care of others’ feelings and supports them.

Confidence and power: When you finish your tasks on time like a responsible person and remain accountable to what you have done, it doesn’t only make people believe you, but it builds confidence in yourself. When you know what you have done is right, you don’t worry, and on the other hand when you realise that you did something wrong and you stood for it then you don’t have to worry either.

Control situation: Time can be easy and tough. A responsible person knows how to handle any situation. He observes and learns from his daily routine and balances his life. Even in tough times, he remains calm and peaceful and understands what he can control and tries to solve it. He accepts his mistakes and doesn’t blame others.

Being responsible and trustworthy is a good feeling that everyone wishes for. This encourages one to become strong and self-reliant. It helps to enhance someone’s self-worth and self-esteem. It’s not difficult to become a responsible person. You just have to follow some guidelines in your life:

Just do your tasks properly and on time: As a responsible person, it’s very important that if you have agreed to hand in a task, you should do it efficiently and on time. Follow your commitments; it helps you to build a routine of taking care of others and their tasks.

Be Consistent:  Set schedules and routines for yourself and stick to it. Before becoming responsible for someone, show efficiency and consistency to yourself. Control every part of your life, it will give a message to others as well. Consistency brings the feeling of accomplishment and happiness in your life.

Don’t blame others:  A responsible person is always accountable for his actions. He receives the appreciation of his good actions happily. He also accepts criticism of his mistakes and works on them. For example, you don’t blame a signal for being late to work, you just accept that you should have left home earlier.

Don’t complain: Life is not a bed of roses the whole time. You should accept the different situations in it, don’t blame your job, spouse, or people around you. Instead of giving negative comments, say something positive. Similarly, don’t make up excuses when you are unable to keep up with a commitment, simply just explain why you haven’t done it.

Learn multi-tasking: 
It is common for a responsible person to juggle many tasks at the same time. Like a single mom, she takes care of her children, she works hard at her job, she manages her households and looks after herself.
Feeling better now about having all those responsibilities?

 The author is a consultant in Public Relations and Personality Types. Instagram: @Tipsbyhalahill

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