Climate change volunteers to hold photo exhibition for awareness
January 06 2020 09:39 PM
AWARENESS: Intiqab Rawoof speaking at an event to create awareness about the climate change.
AWARENESS: Intiqab Rawoof speaking at an event to create awareness about the climate change. Photos supplied

Climate change is happening and humans are causing it. This is a stark reality showing that humans are paving the way for self-destruction. However, hope sustains the world. Though counted as minimum, there are efforts to counter the looming menace primarily be the means of raising awareness about the severity of the issue. The future of the only living planet cannot be left only for chance. We have to make a choice.
There are numerous people who have already chosen to raise awareness about the issue and it takes little individual steps to fight the classical problem. My Climate Action Qatar (MCAQ) is a group of volunteers who continue to share their concerns about the climate change using different means and involving maximum possible number of people. Co-founded by Mohamed Intiqab Rawoof, a young Sri Lankan IT professional, and Bandari Sultan al-Abdulla, a Qatari national, has regularly been organising different events with the aim to campaign and highlight the necessity and the importance of climate change.
The upcoming event of the volunteers’ group is a photo competition and exhibition that will include photographs capturing the climate change in different angels. “We have named this year’s exhibition as ‘Sustainability 2020’. We are asking people to take part in the photography competition and the selected photos will be put on display at the exhibition that is going to be held in February at Katara. There is no age limit for the participants as we want to see people of all ages to share their thoughts on the subject of climate change.”
The organisers are encouraging people to take part in the photo exhibition. “We want maximum number of people both Qatari nationals and residents to be a part of the contest. This is going to be our third photo exhibition. The previous one was based on the subject of ‘Green City’. We have a jury to select the photos for the exhibition. We engage embassies of different countries in Qatar. The photographers whose photos make it to the exhibition will receive the certificates for the participation. Approximately, 30 photos will be put on display at the exhibition. The exhibition will last for one month.”
Intiqab accedes to the fact that sustainability is a huge subject to deal with in one photo. “We expect people to share different kinds of photos but relevant to the idea of showing sustainable steps in tackling with the climate change. For example, my idea is to reduce the carbon emission. I plan to park my and start using Doha Metro service. For others it can be reducing use of plastic or planting a tree.”
The idea behind the activity is to engage the people and keep them abreast with the severity of the issue. “When I see a lot of people taking part in the photo competition, I am encouraged to see the interest of the people in the issue. It also provides a platform to them to show their concern towards the global issue. We many examples where the photos contest has pushed them into active volunteerism in the fight against climate change. It is more important for school children as the issue will become a part of their sub-conscience as they grow up. It is good for the future of the world.
“The activity is quite in line with the sustainability vision of Qatar. The country has been working towards improving its environment.”
The organisers hope that 2020 can be the year of sustainability. “May this year be a year of sustainability and climate action. From this year onwards, I wish to see the consumption of plastics declining in huge number and use of alternative materials, which are re-usable and not harmful to the mother planet, increasing. There should be an option to customers in all supermarkets to bring their own bags or to buy a re-usable bag at the checkout.” 

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